Grafted brinjal ..amazing performance

Raipur ,chatisgarh state …grafted brinjal being cultivated in clay loam soil with steady high prevailing temperature in the range of 28-45 degree celsius with very short winter in January with temperature of 18 degree celsius .
Monsoon rain starts in july first week subsequently increasing steadily through August and september and close by the third week of september
with atmospheric humidity as high as 85-93 % during momsoon and dry humidity of 20-23% during summer .

However the wonderful fact about this location in relation to farming is surplus irrigation water and abundant electricity

The grafted brinjal was planted in June end .After planting ,the continous heavy rain prevented profuse flowering .The encouraging fact is that the grafted brinjal started producing heavy and abundant flowers in october and also escaped root rot disease due to verticillium that is most critical and kill the brinjal in heavy rain .

The brinjal were planted in 8 feet distance between rows and 1.5 feet between plants . The total plant population is 3700 per acre .The graft keeps the production life of brinjal extending for nearly an year time .The individual plant is carrying between 84- 145 flowers on over 17 branches . It is certain that this brinjal produce well above 100 MT of brinjal fruits per acre in a year time .The prevailing market price is 6-7 rupees only .However the existing natural rsources in this state specifically raipur are most promising.
In this background , two young engineering graduates who have done their studies in UK are actively pursuing farming in over 100 acres .
They are determined to pursue farming as whole time job for entire life time .So new Agro company is being mooted to be set up with diversification in near future .

Any info on what type of plant they were grafted with? 8ft between rows sounds excessive, may be for the easy access?

Thanks for the pics.

The graft is made on devil plant called solanum tarvum .
The spacing of 8 feet is obsolutely right practice in graftted brinjal

The brinjal grows like perenial producing continous yield even beyond a year and reaching 5-6 feet high with enormous productive branches either side .In next 2-3 months it loos like big shrub all because of very strong root system produced by devil plants .

That make sense, Thanks!

Dear RAMU sir,

My concern is if 3700 plants are required per acre and if I plan to cultivate in 2.5 acres, I would be requiring 9250+250(for other losses)=9500 plants. How to or where from we can source solanum tarvum rootstock? Or should we grow the solanum tarvum plants first and then use the root stock? Please advise.

Thanks & Regards

Dear Mr.GURU
Yes you can grow devil plant and make arrangement with appropriate facility to produce brinjal graft in your own location.If possible you can do this grafting as business in your location .You can sell it @ Rs.4-5 per graft .Since grafted plant has definite potential to yield heavily , brinjal farmers too can be in a comfortable position to spend on graft cost without hesitation .If you produce 1000000 plants per year it will bring you 40-50 lac rupees gross income .Just 25% profit alone can fetch you 10-12 lac rupees annually .Also you can use the same facility to produce tomato graft , bitter gourd graft ,watermelon graft etc…
since you look excessively interested in farming this might be of great boon to your unquenching thirst to run profitable farm business .
Further grafting technique involves just procedure only and it is simple and easy .For grafting you need to grow devil as well as scion simultaneously .

Thank you Ramu Garu,
you have mentioned here as "devil plant ’ what is the devil plant and Procedure for making Grafts of Brinjal sir.

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You are an all india consultant for Agri project .So i strongly believe you should have known all about devil and procedure .Instead i wish to update my knowledge on grating procedurw from your goodself

Thank you Ramu Garu for Your Prompt Reply. I am aware of the Grafting Procedure , but I am not aware of the Devil Plant. Kindly enlighten sir.Also kindly Impart Various Grafting Procedures for me as well as to our Forum Members. Though I am a small Farming Consultant, the knowledge I am having is a little but to be known for you is more being a you are a scientist and I am a consultant by virtue of experience since childhood.

Kindly share your experimentation on the above subject. I want to meet you Once after January 2017 Sir.

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Thank you for arranging a meeting with me sri.Manne garu .Much pleased to welcome you here .Sure i will take you someplace where you will see how grafts are made. The theoretical explanation about grafting techniques will not be of any help .Instead you will have great exposure here .The devilplant here means solanum tarvum being a wild plant belonging to same family called solanaceae .Also i am not scientist and no where here in this forum or anwhere I called myself scientist .However please get me scientist certificate if anybody in AP is issuing or selling . I am not joking …I am really intetested to buy if any chance exist there .Atleast I will call myself scientist hereafter for the rest of my life Lol.

Thank you Sir,
Thank you Very Much Ramu Garu Where shall we get the seed of the "The devilplant here means solanum tarvum a wild plant belonging to same family called solanaceae ".Kindly let me know how and where to get to get the seed of the devilplant here means solanum tarvum .

Being the Postings and Knowledge imparting through our Forum, I am thinking that you are a Scientist.Anyway I am very proud to have such a knowledgeable though not scientist in our FORUM.!

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@RAMU sir,

As always, you fill me with the gaps in my knowledge. Thank you sir.

  1. What should be the age of the root stock of devil plant for it to be ready for grafting?

  2. I assume the same age for scion as that of root stock. If scion contains more branches, can we use all these branches/twigs for multiple root stock. My idea is to reduce number of scion plants. Is this logical? If, yes how many healthy twigs can we expect from one scion which are good for grafting?

  3. Please let me know the source of the devil plant seeds.

  4. How to plan for nursery of root stock and scion plants, i.e., should we use protrays or plastic covers or other ways to grow nursery? Should we use shade net for this nursery?

Thanks & Regards

Hi Ramu sir

I am planning to graft Chilly Capsicum plant on Solanum Torvum plant. Will it work?? my purpose is to get a better harvest from capsicum than it usually produce.

Thank you

                                               MOST URGENT SIR

Thank you Ramu Garu where shall we get the seed of the “devilplant” here means “solanum tarvum” being a wild plant. I wnt to have them URGENTLY to make a trail during this season.
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Dear manne

Sorry for delayed response .You can get devil plant from around your location .It is after all seen as weeds in the bushes …

But you need infrastructure to produce grafted plants .

Further your location is Hyderabad . The grafting needs milder temperature between 25 to 30 degree celsius and higher RH of 85-90 % .Check whether your location is suitable for carrying out successful grafting

Another thing , you need to choose right variety of Brinjal to be used as scion before you actually undertake grafting .

So you please check everything with you

Poor grafting or wrong selection of variety or unusual climate will badly reflect on the yield that will be far lesser than conventional plant yield


Dear Ramu Sir,
How to get this Solanum Travum near Mumbai area ?

Dear Mr.Bapu

Please try some KVKs nearby your location . If they undertake grafting work , they can help you . Even if they do not have any such project undergoing in their station atleast they could guide you to get the seeds from the sources known to them.

Dear Sri Bapu4,

I have few seeds of Solanum Torvum and if you need, I can give you some from them, for your trial, of course free of cost. I live near Hebbal, Bengaluru.

with best wishes, g.p.rao, farmer

Thank you Sir Rao Garu !
kindly provide some seed of Solanum Torvum to me also.
Kindly send the seed to my following Address:

for Vasudha Green Farms,
LIG-83, Road # 2. KPHB Colony,

Dear Sri Satyanarayan Manne,

namaskar sir, I have very few. I can give some to your representative in bengaluru. Not worth to send such a small numbers by courrier. Ask any of your friends coming from bengaluru to hyderabad, ask them to collect from me or if I come to bengaluru, i will bring and inform to you over phone.

If I get a huge quantity, definitely i will arrange to your address.

with best wishes, g.p.rao, farmer