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Thank you mr shaikh for your help.
I have an acre of land in hyderabad and i want to start a goat farm for meat purpose.I want to start complete stall fed farm.Also i want to grow fodder in same land.
Is it possible in 1acre land. How many goats can we keep.

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Here u can ask your questions regarding goat farm.I will answer u the best solutions for it.No charges for any suggestions and consultation.Its free of cost. I can help u in following points: *Government schemes for goat farms *Government subsidy *loan obtained for goat farm,required documents. *which bank provides u the loan *vaccination for your goats *fodder *Best variety of goats AND MANY MORE. post your questions here only.N u will get your reply here,very soon.

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Thank you mr shaikh for your help.
I have an acre of land in hyderabad and i want to start a goat farm for meat purpose.I want to start complete stall fed farm.Also i want to grow fodder in same land.
Is it possible in 1acre land. How many goats can we keep.


Dear rizvanahmed,
As you want to start the farm for meat purpose,means you have to concentrate on fattening of goat kids, so you requires fodder which contains more amount of protein in it like alfa alfa,azolla,barseem,stylo etc along with balanced concentrated feed.
In 1 acre of land you have to built the shed for breeding goats and some open place with fencing for their movement.Without shed space,you can cultivate fodder for 25 goats and 50 kids in 1 acre of land  having enough water supply to agriculture land even in summer,coz if you supply sufficient to water to fodder crops they will rise soon and will be available for goats at regular interval of time.
Yes goat farming is possible in 1 acre of land if you have enough water supply for cultivation of fodder.
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Dear Sir,
            I have planned to do goat farming and want to get a certified course which will help me for the loan procedures and also to know the technical details of Goat Farming. I live in Pune, Maharashtra.I have 8 acres of land where i will be doing this project.
                                          It would be a great help if you suggest some Government affiliated Certifying training institutes in Pune which could help me get loan from nationalised bank.

Mr. Atiq S. Peerzada


Dear Mr. Atiq S. Peerzada,
In pune you can visit  Maharashtra Centre For Entrepreneurship Development (mced) to avail certificate of goat farm training.For its contact details visit this website page and click on pune -http://www.mced.nic.in
You will get technical details of goat farming from my goat farm project report,for more details visit my websites page-http://goatfarm.co.in/goat-farm-project-report/
Mced is a government certified training center which will help in your loan procedure.
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Very good information for the beginners.

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I am interested to start a Goat farm in Kerala (Quilon). I have 1.5 acre of farmland available with me. Initially i plan to start the farm with 50 + goats. What will be the investment required and what will be the approx earnings per month. I plan to sell the goats for meat purpose. Can anybody advice ???


You will get complete details on goat farming regarding shed, fodder, vaccinations,current expenditures,current profit rates,government subsidy and many more from our goat farm project report, which is based on our practical goat farming experience,since years. To know more about it please visit our website  Osmanabadi Goat or  www.goatfarm.co.in and click on Project Report.


Hello smy82482,

I am really happy to see how calmly u are helping others gain knowledge. I have some query regarding goat waste used in farms. I am in the process of buying a chikoo farm and people in that area have been using goat waste as fertilizer for their trees. I have no intention to milk these goats or sell them off for their meat. I only and only want its waste. If u can help me with these questions it would be great:

  1. What breed is best for its waste/manure? And how much will that cost me?
  2. As per you how many goats will i need for a 10 acre farm land with approx 500 trees.
  3. What age group goat and male or female which one should i buy?
  4. What expenses should i count in keeping these goats on my farm? Will it be very expensive to feed them and take their care? How much water will i require after them? What kind of accomodation/shed would they need?
  5. Is it ok if i let them loose in my farm. Would they do damage to the crops or try to run away? Also other animals like dog, cow, chicken all stay together in an open farm or do i need to get worried about threat from each other in themselves?
  6. Where can i buy these goats from if i am in Dahanu, Maharashtra area.
    7.  What is a usual life span and do they need medication in any way? I am planning to keep my farm organic/natural way. Hence I dont want any chemicals even through my pets.

Also u can throw light in this regards because i must have not asked valid question and surely would have missed on something important.

Thanks in advance and thank u for helping the community



Dear Prashant,
If you wont have nay intention of breeding goats for meat or milk then why you want to keep (breed) the goats,just for manure?If you want only manure,then just buy the manure it will be more cheaper for you rather than breeding goats only for manure.If still you want to breed goats then-
1.Osmanabadi adult goats are best for manure,you can buy old goats who cant breed further as you don’t want their kids or milk.They will come in half of price as compare to young or breeding goats.
2.To supply manure to 10 acres of land once in a year you requires 50 goats.
3.You can buy female goats of age around 8yrs to get only manure from them.Buying of female goats  of older age will be cheaper as compare to male goats.
4.You have to expense on their green fodder only,each goat will eat around 6%-10% of live body weight.Old age goats will be around 40kg-50kg.So you requires daily 4kg-5kg of green fodder for each goats.This green fodder can be cultivated in one acre of farm land.You requires one liter of water per day per goat in summer and 200ml in winter and 100ml in rainy season,goats drink very little water.They requires simple accommodation,shed roof with tin metal and flooring of hard rock.
5.Yes you can loose the goats.Your farm should be fence from all sides.If crops are at lower places,where their head reaches easily,then they will destroy it by eating.No,there is no thread among themselves except dog,dog should be familiar,means he should not bite the goats otherwise they will get scared.
6.You can buy thee goats from our farm and also manure but in little quantity as we utilize manure in our farm too,for address visit our websites link-http://goatfarm.co.in/contact-us/
7.Usual life span of goats is around 15yrs.Yes they needs vaccination every year.Vaccinations are easily available in every Govt. animal husbandry clinic.


Thank u for the important info shared. I will surely let u know once i make up mind and decide what exactly would i want.


Dear SIr,

I am planning to start a small goat farm in bangalore east. Kindly inform me if there is any land for lease with water available in Bangalore east. Please inform me whether goat farming is a profitable business or not?


Goat & Sheep Farming is a GOOD Business while risk free.You can go ahead without any hesitation.There no much need of water for the Farm , however for Growing Fodder water is essential.While putting this Farm, you plan for Growing Azolla, which will supplement mostly your Fodder requirement and also while it is healthiest Feed and also cheap maintenance.
Any further details don’t hesitate to contact us.
Vasudha Green Farms,
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Sorry i dont have any contact details regarding land available on lease basis in Bangalore.Yes presently goat farming is the most profitable business as compare with dairy and poultry.The goat meat prices is increasing every after 3 months due to insufficient supply of goats to local market as compare to increasing human population.
The demand for meat is increasing day by day,but the slaughtering goats population remains the same every year,which is making this business more viable as compare to other livestock business.
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I want to rear only one female goat for the daily requirement of milk of my family. 2 liters per day is sufficient. I stay in a Government quarter. No sufficient land to cultivate fodder. Can I grow the required fodder through hydrophonic method. What is cost of hydrophonic system. Pl. suggest.


Yes you can grow the maize and wheat fodder by hydroponic method,it will cost you around 4rs-5rs/kg,one kg of maize will give you 5kg-6kg of green fodder in 8 days via natural hydroponic method.


I want to tart a goat farm for meat. How much, on averge, I can earn per month from a farm of 100 goats.


For profit rate and expenses,visit our websites link-http://goatfarm.co.in/goat-farm-project-report/


Dear Dr. Shaikh,
First of all i want thanking you and your precious time which you are spending in this forum to help and motivate existing andfresh goat farmers.
Following this forum and your thread from a long time, Just doing my home work to start a farm, offcourse with a nice bunch of goats too.
From this forum and from your thread i got almost answers for my questions, so i dont want to repeat it again.
Pls. Just clarify my one doubt,

Castrations in bucklings is popular in india  ?
Castraised gots have a market or not  ?  especially in Eid goats  ?

If time permits, reply soon.

A G Nair,  Bangalore


Dear anuampady,
Sorry for replying late as i m very busy with my schedule and didn’t get time to reply your post and thanks for your appreciation and noting my work.Lots of peoples likes my posts but very few expresses it.
Yes castrating male goats and selling them during Eid is very popular nowadays in India,as it is providing an handsome profit by selling these bucklings during EID period.Castrated male goats has very high demand as compare to non castrated male goats during EID.Every year there is hike in EID goats,as the demand is increasing due to increased human population rate and the supply of goatsis decreasing year by year.Every year there is an decline in goat population in India due to unavailability of fodder as India is facing drought conditions from last few years,also there is an  increase mortality rate in goats due to unavailability of necessary vaccinations at the time of epidemic at respective veterinary hospitals or lack of scientific knowledge in goat farmers like when and which vaccine to be given to goats to avoid their mortality due to sudden change in climatic conditions and against various new viral and contagious diseases.Govt. of India is conducting workshops regarding awareness and Vaccination for farmers which in turn will increase goat population,but all is only paper work,in actual it doesnt happens,as Govt of India has lack of Expertise in Goat Farming.
International Goat Farm Expert.