Feedback on Deejay Coconut varieties


I am looking to plant about 200-250 coconut trees at my farm in Tirunelveli Tamilnadu. After some research, i have concluded that i need to plant dwarf or dwarf hybrid varieties. I have come across Deejay Farms coconut saplings, which promise high yield and shorter time to yeild, but their saplings are quite costly as well.  Hence before buying, i am trying to find out if there are others who have used Deejay coconut saplings and whether they are happy with the results.

Would appreciate any feedback on Deejay coconut trees, preferably from people who have direct experience.

Thank you!

if you prefer, you can directly send me your opinions to my email at

Dear Sitaramand Sir, I am seeing  coconut farms which are with deejay coconut seedlings, in which ,some coconut farms in tamilnadu and some in karnataka, from past 4 more years . In person i am with satisfaction with their yields and quality.

Good continuous water supply and good fertigation is required to get considerable good yield. very good water content and good size nut also. Since they are hybrids ,life of the plant will be two decades only, unlike Tiptur tall which lives for more than 10 decades.

You can meet the concerned officials of deejay coconut farms and on request they will guide you to see some farms.

Incidentally if your land is located near any city,it is a plus point for you,to sell for fresh coconut water

all the best.  g.p.rao, farmer

personal opinion
2013 july 19th i planted 40 deejay sampoorna and 10 local variety
32 deejay variety survived and 3 local variety survived
2014 june 3rd  planted 110 sampoorna and 11 pushkala
about 35 died due to rhinocerous beetel attack( near by farms with local breeds also aafected)
this year i am waiting for rains which has failed miserably
this year i am planning for 150 plants all deejay sampoorna
my experience and facts
deejay is way better than local breed but very costly
deejay sampoorna was rs350/sapling in 2013 and local variety was 50rs
after 2 years
deejay growth  is vigorous
my maintainance is poor deweeding is done once in 3 months and watering is very infrequent
my soil is not that fertile
will upload growth comparision photos soon(next week)
thank you

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Khanna Saab,
          I enquired last week about the current rate at which they are providing the saplings. They are asking for 400 Rs/sapling. they are insisting that we have good water source. If we dont have enough water, they are suggesting us to go with other varieties which consume lesser water. They said that the yield depends on the maintenance and nutrition schedules that follow.

Deejay’s claim is that the plants start yielding after the 2nd year of plantation unlike other varieties which start yields only after the 4th to 5th year and hence the higher rate is justified. Wanted to ask the forum if their claim is real and what is the average yield of the plants.


my personal view
under ideal condition
— Fertile soil
—good water source
—regular fertigation
—pest control
—regular deweeding
deejay may yield in 3 years
local variety will take atleast 5 yrs

my observation was deejay vs local
both were given equal care deejay growth was much better
its nearly 2 years ,it may take another 2 years for first flowering(my maintanance is not good)
my local variety may take some 4-5 yrs for first flowering
About present prices they 400rs for sampoorna,800rs for pushkala,250for vishwas
i will upload comparision photos after 25th july(when i will be visiting my farm)
hope this helps

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Dear sirs, Sri khannae is wright. there are 3 varieties and sold at 3 prices. one is very good high water yield,along with copra,and second varety with medium water content, with good copra content, and third is with good copra content.
It is learnt that,if all ideal conditions are provided, including goood soil and water, the plants starts flowering after 24 months. It was confirmed by many farmers also.

Let us not compare with Tiptur tall coconut. No doubt,Tiptur tall coconut is sobur and long…long…lasting and takes care of the farmer in any adverse conditions also.

all the three varieties are yielding 350 to 450 trees per plant per year. May be less are more, depending on  farming and/or soil water etc. Company executives quoting around 400 nuts per tree per year.

with good wishes to our farming community,  g.p.rao,  farmer

Hi Sitaraman

We have planted 280 nos D X T -  Deejay coconuts in 2 stages since 2012. We had purchased at 300Rs and had to wait for over 8 months to get the seedlings ! Their growth is robust, we have followed their schedule of watering and fertigation religiously.
Over 40% of the plants had infloresence after 22 months of planting. But many of them drop off. Now half of them are close to 3 years old and we have a sprinkling of nuts which will take about another month for picking. So yielding in 3 years - I have my doubts based on our farm experience. More likely 42 months and up but stable output may be 54-60 months at least.
I am not sure if Rhino beetle could impact the early yields - we have a running battle with them to this day.  Hybrids are prone to this beetle attack - hearsay from people in the know. No we don not have any dumps nearby so the source of these beetles remains a mystery!

Good luck

When you say fertigation (schedule), is it chemical or organic?

wow 400 nuts/year? I guess they always quote way high :slight_smile: Did anyone ever achieve that?

even i doubt 400
i have seen deejay trees near tumkur they are yielding about 200-250
but soil is very fertile and  good water soruce , good maintanance
local varities also look good there
i am studying deejay vs best local  breeds
yes beetles attacking deejay badly
but growth of deejay is much better
both local variety and deejay recieved same care
my analysis
deejay vs tiptur tall
deejay vigorous growth more leaves more nuts per year
tiptur tall/arsikere tall comparatively slow growth so less nuts per year
deejay may not last long
tiptur/arsikere lasts long
deejay beetle prone
tiptur/arsikere resistant

in rough calculation number of nuts/life time of deejay/tiptur/arsikere will be nearly equal

Is anybody growing Deejay successfully following organic methods, especially for disease and pest control?


Attaching few pics of Deejay vs local variety
Next year will get better comparison as I have planted
Deejay sampoorna
Tiptur tall
Ceylon Dwarf

PS: worst care and management from my side

Khannae, noticed the PS.  But whatever care you are giving, is it organic or inorganic for Deejay? Have you been watering the plants regularlary?

To be Frank neither organic nor inorganic,
In past 3 years around 4 times I have applied manure.
No regular watering,in summer watering was done at 20-25 days or even more
I am doing farming against my family( zero- negative support )

[member=5994]khannae[/member] Thanks for your response. The trees seem to be doing very well under the circumstances. Just the kind of feedback I wanted. Thanks once again.

Hi Sir,

Is it possible to share the present images of deejay hybrid plants. I’m curious about the growth of plant

Sure sir,I don’t have pics no, I will be visiting farm June 23,i will upload pics once I visit
Plants which were planted 2 yrs back are pretty bad because of severe draught(water dried from borewrll in Oct 2016,from Oct 2016 to July 2017 we had only 3 rains and many plants dried died)
Older plants started flowering
I will post comparison of neighbours plants too)

Comparison pics
Neighbors coconut planted 2014(have posted pic of same plants 2 yrs back in earlier post)

My deejay planted 4 yrs back(same trees of earlier post)

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I am from Haveri District.I have very interest about Deejay Coconut plants.
Please let me know about sapling price,deliver and other information,also i want to visit others farm who have used Deejay and their experience.
can we Adapt organic methods for Deejay? Is anybody growing organic methods?

Deejay saplings started to yield(very small quantity)
Findings deejay coconut are very easy to chop because less fibrous(so easier pest attack)
Sweetness is “ok”
Coconut size average(market value of such size coconut is ₹17-20, farmer may get ₹8-12)
Few grown trees were affected by rodents,lost 3 grown ones
Trees are easy to cut,means less strength ,deejay may not last long 30-40 years may be best bet
Because of drip automation,care is decent if not good
TxD and Tiptur tall are doing really well
My personal opinion based on first hand observation
If plot is flat without weeds and you can give really good care then deejay is good
For long term benefits and any deviation from good care go for Tiptur tall and TxD