FarmNest Members' Meeting (Bangalore, date/venue to be decided)

Hi All Farmnest members,
I would like to invite your attention & request you to have get to gather here in Bangalore or any other suitable place to have our meeting for meaningful ahead.

Even I would like to invite members from other than Karantaka who can attend the meeting

First I wants to know how many members associated here in Karnataka and willing to attend meeting.
Please let us make it as successful.

Count me in.

Me too

Siddramesh Nara - 9742201385

Add Plus one,

I am in.



Please include me too.
R Vasudevan

There are few members okayed for meeting and remaining either watching or nor not seen the information.
Please pass the message to remaining all to take part of meeting for mutual benefit.
Now venue can be my new project place at Begur near Bangalore International Airport to have meaningful meeting in Karma bhoomi where all we need to show our expertise in our farm lands. We can have meeting in open land in which works under progress.

Shortly Agritech exhibition is going to take place in Bangalore from 25th Aug 2012 to 27-08-2012.
My farmer friends from Nepal, Mauritious  Srilanka etc are coming to attend that exhibition to showcase their agricultural expertise and utilize all possible opportunities to enhance agricultural productivity.

This is a good idea if all are ok with it… :wink: :wink:[/color]


Though I am from Tamilnadu ,I prefer to attend if dates are fixed  during Agritech exibition
in Bangalore,also can you confirm the venue of Agritech exibition?

Thanks and regards


Agree with Kumar, Swamy -can you finalize the venue and likely dates for this meet?

My First post here! Would love to meet like minded people on the forum.

My No - 9845690781


Welcome Vishu, how are you doing? and how is your estate doin?.


Mr Swamy,

    I would also be interested. kindly let me know when you are planning to schedule this event.


Great…I’m a IT professional and planning to jump into Agri…now gathering informations…attending trainings…meeting like minded people.
I have read most of the threads here. Posting first time.
So it will be a great opportunity for me to meet you people.
Count me in.


Hi All,
Will have preliminary meeting before 26-Auguest-2012 (Agritech Exhibition in Bangalore) to plan what best deals can be have on Exhibition as International Farming community is coming for said exhibition.
Please call me and confirm as soon as possible.

First meeting can be at My project work place at Begur, Near Bangalore International Airport.
Will meet on 05th Aug-2012 if all are ok.

Hi Swamy,

          Great idea… can we make it after 10th of August if possible.

Hi All
25th to 27th Auguest is International meeting. Now let us meet ASAP before 25th Aug.
I can call you if you provide your numbers.

How about meeting @ the exhibition itself?.  Looking at the exhibitors list, looks like lots of machinary will be present too, lookinf forward to see some of them too.

Would someone volunteer to do a review of the Agritech exhibition too?


Hi All
I wants to gather some experts who are already expertised in their own filed along with new entrants as international delegates coming here. I wanted to get a fruitful benefit from both the sides of farming community meeting at first. Before Agritech meeting just as preparatory meeting would be added advantage.

In order to get fruitful result and relationship from all farming community from the nation and abroad, I would request all agriculture experts be pleased to respond immediately and inform about their expertise which can be show cased for the benefit of them as well as others and also to have further more beneficial opportunities too.

Dear Chandra,