Farmnest Members Meet - Mumbai

Hello All,

I have not seen any post of Farmnest Mumbai Members meet.

Would any members like to meet and discuss ideas, projects and plan farm visit etc. in the vicinity?

We could meet at any coffee shop and take it further from there.

All views welcome.

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Would be nice to meet you folks, I am from the central suburbs and would be be willing to travel to any part for a meetup.

please do keep me posted on this :slight_smile:


Guess the members from Mumbai are busy tending to the farms and have little time to meet :wink:

On a serious note, I assume that most members if from Mumbai, would be working or having other work/business besides home responsibilities, and the rest of the time would be taken up looking after the farms.

If however there is momentum and a few members agree to meet, that would indeed by nice.

Can I suggest to members having a farm in Mumbai/Pune region to volunteer to host a meeting at their farm at no cost to them.? (Members agree to pool in and defray the vist cost) This would help the members to network in person and maybe, be just a first step to regular meets, visits, study tours, outings, exchanges and ofcourse friendship.

Any suggestions and feedback most welcome.


Thats a nice idea, look forward to some more joining in :slight_smile:

Nowadays i reserve my sunday mornings (7:30am - 10am) to be with the UrbanLeaves folks @ Maharashtra Nature Park, Opp. Dharavi Depot.

Great folks practicing the NatuEco method with Amrit Mitti -


I would have liked to attend, and I checked UrabanLeaves site. I understand a day’s attendance cost Rs. 750/- :frowning: Seems quite steep. Correct me if I am wrong.



Those are charges for workshops, the regular sunday meetup is free.

u just need to tell the security at the gate that u are there for UrbanLeaves (they have a separate book to maintain entries), walk left from the gate towards the water tank, that’s the place they meet.

I am going there tomorrow morning @7:30am as they are planning to prepare amrit mitti.

Thanks PwrUsr for the info. I will make it tomorrow, and network with other farm enthusiast.

See you.

Hi All
It’s a great idea to have a meet of all farm enthusiasts in and around Mumbai. I am at present looking a suitable plot at Murbad. Pl.mail

Hello All;

When is the next meet planned? I am in for it…

Aman, I have my land ahead of Murbad… Please let me know if you need any help.


I am from pune and willing to host meetings for all people in Pune/ Mumbai

Count me in please !

Rudra Nevatia

Hi, I have just joined this forum and damn excited to know about it. We have a farm in Safala which is not that far from Mumbai. I would like to meet fellow farmer and enthusiasts and share ideas. If there is any meet up in Mumbai, please let me know.

hello all,
is the idea for a group meeting for discussion / starting new projects etc still open ?
i am based in Nasik, and hardly 3 hrs from Mumbai.

Plz inform me when this idea comes to a final stage.


hey! anyone willing to tolerate my company while i’ll be in mumbai next whole week?
as a reward i’ll give the braveheart my best wishes for lifetime.
NOTE - refreshments and entertainment will be on you, as its your city.


common fellows! the guys in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, are doing all sorts of things in agriculture, visiting places and interacting with each other. lets give them tough competition :smiley:

and if your bothered about the expenses, the treats on me!


Hi, I have recently joined this forum. I have a farm in Thane district, approx. 90 kms. from Mumbai. Will be interested in joining this farmers meet anywhere in and around mumbai. (But only on weekends, since i am working)

I think we should start with sharing our contact information…

Please feel free to reach me on
9,zero, two, 9, double zero, three, triple nine

can search for me on facebook s*u^j$a(y g^a-w!a&nd

Remove all symbols, Sorry for inconvenience :slight_smile:


pls anyone take the lead, we will meet. pls all mention your mobile numbers.

Nilesh Potdar

I am from Mumbai and would surely like to meet up as I am looking for buying a land in around Nashik area. Please lets meet. 9819355590

Is evryone on watsapp or facebook? We need to come together on a common portal first and then we can discuss next steps…