Farm land vaastu Sastra - do we follow?

Hello all,

Some of you might be knowing that I am going to develop a natural farm. I got a question related with this.

I heard something like Vaastu for farming land, my question is that do we really need to worries about Vaastu for farm land? If yes, where should be what?


'Present world is stands on one own personal interest as the world is personal centric now.
If I wants to follow, then it will protects me, if Iam not interested, then it is up to me.

However Vastus is science which protects if followed like our parents.
Vastu is followed by our ancestors and had got very prospective sustainable results in their life either in residence or in agriculture too.

Every living body including Agriculture is constituted by panchamahaaboothas, these panchamahabbothas contained with 108 boothas/elements. (Rudrakshi maala also contains with 108 mani’s). Entire universe is devided in to 27 nakshatrasa each nakshatra contains 4 charanas =108 elements. Every charana has important influence on all living beings. Every claim of western philosophy is took human being out of nature, but Indian philosophy is counts human being close with 108 natural elements.

Wherefore application of vastus rules will certainly protects/prosperous our (Agri)culture.

Where shall we get a Book on Vastusastra for Farm Lands.

From: … hastra.htm

Agriculture is dependent on the five basic elements of nature. The principles of Vastu Shastra can be conveniently put to use for choosing agricultural land, for building a farm-house or while sowing the seeds. It is believed that it will lead to an impressive result as far as agricultural production is concerned.

If the advises of the Vastu Shastra are to be followed then the agricultural land with a road on the South should be avoided.

Passages linking two agricultural lands should not be constructed.

Agricultural land should have slope towards the East or the North directions. But it should not be towards the West or South direction.

The agricultural land should never be multilevel. It is necessary that that the plot is leveled. However if it has multileveled blocks the slope should be slanted towards the East or the North sides. If the land blocks have a downward slope towards the South or the West expenditure at the residences exceeds the income.

The agricultural plot should be square or rectangular in shape. It should not have a cut in the South-East or the South-West direction. By building a soil or brick wall that is a raised boundary of at least two to three feet or a compound wall this should be removed to make the plot regular in shape.

On the West or the South sides of the agricultural land tall trees can be planted as these will prove beneficial.

While sowing any crop it should be in the East-West direction. Here the plants will receive adequate sunlight.

Underground water storage, tanks boring and other structures should be located in the North-East direction of the North or the East sides. Wells should not be situated in the North-West, South-East or the South-West directions as it will lead to huge losses. Drainage for supplying water to the crops should be built from South to North. 

The farm house or the hut in the field should be in the South-West side. The farm houses generally belong to the land owners.

The huts or residences for the agricultural laborers should be in the South-East or the West directions.

The cattle pen should be in the West or the North-West directions. This will give a boost to the income of the family. 

While tying the pet animals their faces should be in the Northern direction. If it not possible then they should face the East.

Pet animals should never be tied in the South, North-East, or the South-West direction. 

A high thick compound wall 10 to 20 feet in length and 6 feet in height should be in the South and West sides of the South-West direction of the field. A full fledged wall compound or a raised platform in the West and the South directions will also prove beneficial. There should never be a compound wall or a raised platform in the East or the North directions as well. A wire compound is also permissible.

New seeds should be sowed on an auspicious day with the chanting of hymns. Sowing should not be done on Tuesdays or Saturdays. While sowing a new crop the recitation of Gayatri Mantra or Surya Mantra can be very helpful. It is always fruitful to invoke the blessings of god before setting out for an important task. 

The process of sowing should start from South-East direction and then move onto the South,  South-West, West, North-West, North-East and East in a clockwise direction. The reaping of the crop should start from North-West, North, North-East, East, South-East, South, South-West and then West. This, too, should be done clockwise. 

A sacred fire pit should be prepared in the South-East direction and some grains of the first reaping should be offered to Lord Agni. Some of the grain should be given to the pet animals as well. Some ears of the new crop should be kept in the East and worshipped with Tamarind and kunku. If a New Moon day occurs during the reaping season then a coconut should be broken in the field while facing the east. This needs to be done in the evening. The pieces of this coconut should be kept at the centre of the field and the four major corners of the field. The following day these pieces should be collected and thrown on the dung hill.

If possible on all the New Moon days a marking nut, lemon, seven chillies and a lemon should be tied on the main entrance of the field and the farm house to ward off evil powers. 

The equipments that are used in the field should always be kept in the South-West corner or the Southern direction. Never keep them in North-East, North or East directions. The ideal place for the thrasher machine, the bullock cart and other vehicles is the North-West or the North direction. These should not be kept in the North-East corner. 

When the ready crop is taken out to the market for sale it should be taken out from either the North, East or the North-West directions. This will result in quick sale and good income. If the crop is taken out from the North - East gate both the sale and the payment will be delayed. If the crop is taken out of the South-West gate it will not get a good price. If the crop is taken out of the South-East gate it leads to loss and troubles.

The fodder is to be kept in the South or South-West direction of the field. Dung cakes or the ash should be kept in the South-East direction while the fertilizers and chemicals, important for the crops, should be kept in the Western corner.

If subsidiary crop is to be taken along with the main crop the subsidiary crop should be grown in the West or the South direction.

While ploughing the field for a new crop it will be beneficial if it begins from the South-East and then clockwise move onto the North-East direction.

If the agricultural business is done on a large scale the heaps of grain are to be raised in the West direction. The packing and dispatching office can be located in the North-West part of the West side. Tractors, trucks etc. which carry the grain should be parked with their faces towards the North or the East. 

Proper worship should take place before the first sack of a crop is kept. 

As far as floriculture is concerned Red and Pink flowers should be planted in the East; White and Yellow flowers in the North, the Dark Blue and Blue-Black flowers in the South while the Blue and Violet flowers should be planted in the West.

There should never be a mound at the centre of the field. Tall trees, flowers or crops should not be planted here.

As for as possible there should not be any pits in the field. In case they are, they should be located in the East or the North direction.

Mounds on the South or the West direction are permissible. 

To the East of the field a row of black basil plants should be planted. These are good for the crops. 

For horticulture the short trees should be planted in the East or the Northern blocks and tall trees in the South or the West block. Amla, tamarind, lemon or thorny trees should be planted in South block; guava in the east; custard apple in the North; Pomegranate in the West and mango, coconut, jamblum (Indian berry), Kauth and others in the South.

While taking a banana crop in the field on the eastern side or the Northern Side of the North-East direction at least ten feet should be kept vacant. It should also be remembered that in a square field of 9x9 feet bananas should not be planted at the center.

If  grapes seeds are planted then they should be from South to North directions. While sprinkling water the same direction needs to be followed.

Fire for warming should never be set up at the centre, the North-East and the North directions.

While working in the field, reaping or giving manures to the field one must face towards the East or the North. Never face Southwards.

Scare crows should be placed in the South and the West directions. 

Temples should not be constructed in the field. In case it is there it should be in the West. The idol should face the East. Idols of Maruti, Shani, Mhasoba, Munjya, Pirbaba and Asra should not be installed in the field. According to Vastu Shastra the idols of Ganesh, Shivpind, Gurudatt, Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, Vishnu and Laxmi can be consecrated here. However, all the rituals should be followed properly and regularly.

Only the fields on the North or the East side should only be purchased for agricultural purposes. Adjacent fields on the South or the West of an existing agricultural land should not be purchased under any circumstances. However if it is necessary it should be purchased or taken in somebody else’s name. The field owner should not purchase it in his own name. If some part of the field is to be sold, the part lying on the West or the South should be sold.

The plot with river or canal on the North or East sides should be purchased. If the river or the canal is on the South side economic loss is imminent. If the well is in the South-West corner of the field there are chances of the field owner`s accident, illness or suicide. A  well in the South-East block can make the field owner go bankrupt. If the well is in the North-West block grain can be stolen or it may also lead to enmity. 

A well in the West is acceptable. But here a wall should be built in the East of this well. The height of the wall should be slightly more than the height of the well. If a motor or pump is installed on the well it should be installed in the South-East direction. Instead of covering it completely some space for the passage of air and light should be kept. The drains or the tanks built near the well has to be in the Northern section. Tanks built for drinking water for animals should be in the Western block.

The stairs or ladder for entering the well should be in the West or the South directions. 

If an overhead tanks is built for water to drip or sprinkling of water in the field, it should be built in the West direction. Overhead tanks, well and electric pole should not obstruct the main entrance of the farm house.

Electrical appliances like generator, transformers or electric poles in the field should be in the South-East corner or in the West direction. The electric poles of the government should not pass through the centre of the field.

The modem laboratory of the big farm houses should be situated in the West side.

If fisheries are to be set up in the field, it should be in only half the field and in the East or the North direction. But do not build it in the Southern block.

If Goat farm is to be set up it should be in the West or the South block.

Poultry farms should be set up in the Western block of the field.

If nursery is to be set up in the field it should be in the East or the West directions.

As far as the watchman of the field is concerned he should live in the North-West of the West or South-East of the East or South directions. Residence for the watchman should not be given a room in the South-West direction. It can incur huge losses for the owner of the farm.

When a new farm is purchased proper Bhoomi Puja should be done. Navgraha Pooja is advisable too. 

No work should be done after sunset in the field. Even the animals should not be put to any work.

Cactus or other plants giving out white liquid should not be planted in the East or the North directions. 

Thanks dns1807 for your detailed reply that includes details about our culture. Appreciate a lot. What if some agriculture land is not inline with the Vastu, what are the remedies?


Rectification is the remedy to get it in to Vastu prospects.

I was wondering why we have so many following in India only. Do all these things are followed in the developed country like USA, UK, Canada and others.

Do they care for auspicious days to start a certain things, do they care about where should be the gate of the company and so on?

If someone knows, kindly throw some light on this.


I was wondering why we have so many following in India only.Do all these things are followed in the developed country like USA, UK, Canada and others?
The environment under which if someone grown is not known about our culture, system & way of life and if first time we come to know about such information, we feel like this. Actually if we correctly understood about Indian culture and knowledge base, will realize that Indian Intellectual is greater than any others including US or any other country.

This universe is still controlled by Pancha Mahaaboothas. Anyone can wonder that who is pulling this earth around the sun. What is the benefit for earth by rounding unnecessarily, these types of questions may arise in any one’s mind. Obeying panchamahaboothas is nothing but we respecting the nature, if we act against the same then the end will follow.

Do they care for auspicious days to start a certain things; do they care about where should be the gate of the company and so on?
Do we love any bad for us? No. Therefore those who wants good, they should be with auspicious.
Why we should try to wear good and tidy dress and other materials on our body? To showcase ourself as good/smart etc.
Be good/auspicious to have good/auspicious.

Do we know what is the per acre yield of Grapes in so-called developed country like USA?
Seven tones per acres where in India same grape yield per acres is above 12 tones.

If I follow the rules of Nature, which are true power, the nature can safe gourd me and hence human should obey the rules of nature. The same Indian culture invented how to produce gold. Airplane and many more technologies ( Records shows that Subba Shastry of Anekal which is in outskirts of Bangalore invented technology to build Airplane first time in the universe. All these information’s are available in our ancient texts, which have under custody of foreigners (Germany has Yantrashastra from India and hence by getting maximum benefit of it Now Germany is No-1 in the world in the field of Automobiles.)

Finally in 1964 green revolution adopted and now entire cultivated land became unproductive within 50 years and by eating food from such cultivation practice has got huge amount of poison in food leading shortening human life to 60-70 years, where Indian way of agriculture is sustainable for more than 500 years & more in feature to feed healthy food & Mother Earth.

Hence being well equipped with freedom, all are free to follow their own wishes.
All the best.

Thanks for detailed reply dns…

Who is in the picture?


Mr.Nishtha from Germany who dedicated his life for studying Rigveda.
He is associated with Auroville in Pandichery and he is master teaching Sanskrit to students.
See the fun of a foreigner is teaching our mother language which is mother for Indian languages to Indians.

When our Indians love to learn English to earn JOB (Just Obeying Boss) Nishtha Learn Sanskrit to satisfy his desire of his
eternity and divine life.

I’m confused! :-\

In my search for agricultural land, I came across a site I liked, where there was a continuous slope from North (higher) to South with a road along the Northern face. The eastern and western boundaries had rain water channels and the southern face shared its boundary with others’ land.

I was unsure about the negative Vastu aspect of this site and took a well known expert there. He unequivocally told me that the residential tenets Vastu do not apply to agricultural land and the site was fine from a Vastu perspective.

The caveats he gave me were:

  1. The farmhouse constructed within the site should have its own fencing/boundaries and Vastu in it’s regular form would apply to this farmhouse and the land within its boundaries.

  2. I was told to ensure that there is a structure in the south-west that is taller than the rest of the land or structures within.

This gentleman does not charge a fee for his services, he is well respected and his words seem to make sense.

The land in question is no longer available, but I’d like to put this example forth for further discussion.


Having science background, its all bull crap. Man you have a mind and start thinking for your self.

Dont go by any of these vastu stuff. Does western ghats forests follow vastu ?, do amazon forests follow vastu ? Its a measure to weaken the mind. sow some seeds of doubt in the mind so that some other fellow can control you thru such nonsense stuff.

More over, amplifying that our forefathers knew every thing etc etc is another trap to fool ourselves. Lets not fall for such cheap traps. If some one has the designs then such things should have existed. Some remains should have been found. 

Just live with nature and try to integrate with nature. After all every thing is nature’s creation. So we have deserts, forests, swamps, hills, mountains, plateau,  snow covered lands etc etc. This is the act of nature.


Murali KG

Well said Murali, one of the respected name in Natural Farming told me that everywhere, every side is mother earth so do not think about these stuffs. Let me quote his sentence "All side Mother earth is good. ". So no worry about thinking which side should be what.

Just control your mind and think that everything is good, believe in your hard and smart work. Things will be proper.

I am wondering how stuffs going out from north west door will get more price than north east gate (I am not making joke of anything) but I feel it totally depends on the market price.

Anyways, now I feel after email from the respected name of Natural Farming that every where is mother earth and all direction is good. Just place the stuffs where it is suitable in your farm land and be happy and use them properly.


My thoughts.

When we grow arecanut, we genrally have shade giving plants planted to the west and in many cases to south and then plant the areca nut.  If this is not done, sunlight will burn these plants.  Though plants needs sunlight and it gets most of its food from that, we cover west side so that there is no damage to the tree. I believe this is applicable to most trees.  Now, you may call this as science.  Vastu says, south and west should be higher than east and north.  Looks like Vastu principles are based on some studies. isn’t it?.

Indians believe in 8 sides, north-east is attributed to God. So, by following this if we are getting things arranged in certain order what is the harm?.  It

And there are certain remedies to each of the “dhosha” (/defects), most of the time its simple.

If your farm is left to nature, it may end up as beautiful forest, but may not be a orchid or a food forest.  When we want our farm, we take the principles of nature and apply to farming and call it as Natural Farming isn’t it?.  I am trying to say, we study nature, learn somethings and apply it.  Going by the same logic, someone has studied, placement of things, flow of wind, effect of starts etc and come up something called “Vastu” why not take it.  We can understand the tides are effected by moon, going further, if its said stars have effect on plants …why don’t we try understand it.

At this point in time i am not sure if i need to follow vastu or not, do not find anything wrong in following it,  neither do i think its 'must" to follow.  All the above questions are to continue the discussion to understand more ( certainly not to argue for or against).

I think the news is right to claim Indian Ideology/philosophy is great in the world even now.
Foreign Scientist are claiming that the way of Indian system adopted by our ancestors(Not only farmers, but all) is right. … &menuid=10 … 7.12E.html … 602468.ece … epage=true … iggs-boson

Hi All<
Now come back with  comments that who is bigger than Vastu science? … 294914.cms? … 287144.cms
Maruthi owned Japan scientists? You? or Vastu? Criticism is easy but Science is greater then everything.
Still I Advocate that Vastu is science.
All the best.

Vastu and all this claptrap like Ayurveda, Astrology, Unani, Natural/Spiritual Farming, etc … We Indians are the first to plunge headlong into these charlatan things and then we wonder why we are so under-developed. Also, our ancient ancestors were so highly developed that even 500 years from now, I am sure our ancient ancestors will still be superior. Let any new development come out, we will find that some shastri in some village or some ancient religious text had developed this technology millennia before. Too bad the Shudras and others do not have access to these developed societies, where such knowledge is the preserve of the select few.

As Indians, shouldn’t we wonder then how are we at the bottom on almost all conceivable measurable standards?

Once many years we had some land in rural Konkan, but sold it as rural labour is so brain-washed about these things. They would not work on certain types on land on some days, if a lower caste fellow brought their tea and snacks from the kitchen they would not eat, if there was odd shadow or occurrence they would require a puja to be conducted, in a year they would take almost half the year off for various festivals, they would not touch dam tail-race water saying that the “ras” of the water had been sucked out, etc. My father was so fed up he sold off these lands, for a pittance.

But the fault lies with educated Indians, who have failed to separate church from state, ie in Indian context, temple from secular life and still embrace pujas and homas as an answer to problems that they are too lazy or unwilling to apply scientific rigour and check out. When some PSLV or satellite was launched, I remember reading in the papers about ISRO scientists conducting puja for the success of the mission. Compare that with the recent USofA mission to Mars, where a multinational staff worked to produce success against adversity and things which nobody had ventured into before. They did not pray to Jesus Christ for inspiration and success, but rather used the hands and brain that their God gave them to succeed. Witness also the recent decision by Karnataka government to spend 17 crores for pujas for rain vs that of China’s and Israel’s cloud seeding programs.

These are all revisionist regressive ideas that will be in the dustbin of history and its followers casualties in the march of ideas. Not that the USofA is bereft of such people - witness the evergreen debate between creationists and evolutionists.

But unless India, learns to separate church from state and keep each in its own compartments, India will never experience a Renaissance and the development of scientific temper, which, as the history of Europe and the white man illustrates, is so crucial to the evolution of the human spirit and human development.

My point to my fellow forum members is that agriculture is not some spiritual exercise or the earth some good angel or deity giving us sustenance. Agriculture is simply the application of human intervention to land to produce food and crops for man’s sustenance. The owning of land and/or the feel of the earth in our hands that gives many people a deep-rooted sense of satisfaction is not a spiritual awakening nor the creation of bonds between you and the earth.

Apply the scientific temper and rigour to agriculture and you will profit from it  just as rich agricultural societies like USofA, Argentina, Australia, France, etc have. Believe unjustifiably in some claptrap like Vastu and Spiritual farming and you are likely to wallow in misery, pujas and despair.

Dear Le,

That was very well written, you make some compelling statements that are very true.

I’m not sure how Vastu ties in with today’s religious beliefs and practices though. Sure, Vastu has been developed by people who are Hindus (I’m sure with learnings from other religions and civilizations). Why do you connect it with religion? By doing that, you are guilty of the same things that you speak of. I look at Vastu as a separate science, which may or may not connect with religion, depending on one’s outlook.

You call Ayurveda and Unani claptrap - but it is these medicinal practices that sustained and gave succor to the population for centuries until the new age came about. They continue to have great value even in today’s world, depending on the application. They were developed by our ancient ancestors, along with Vastu! Yes, those very vastly superior beings that you speak of so highly.

Extreme views/beliefs and politics tying up with religion are today’s bane. It is important for us to gather the learnings of our ancestors and proceed through life based on these learnings, while understanding and adapting their applicability in today’s world. This is (or should be) the foundation of modern-day society. Your arguments give credit to our ancestors and call them highly developed, yet you ridicule their discoveries, learnings and beliefs. I’m sure the erudite scientists and engineers at NASA would not subscribe to your views.

Note that I’ve deliberately bypassed all mention of Natural Farming so far. If it was charlatan and claptrap etc. we would have remained living in caves and under trees, perhaps eating each other because we would not have developed and become civilized, simply due to the lack of food. Because it was the only known method until not too long ago.

It is balance that is sorely lacking in today’s society.

Dear Airfoil,

I am not speaking against any religion or the right of any person to have any world view - my only question is why do we wonder at India’s laggardness when we, in general, do not have any scientific temper or frame of mind to resolve any issue in a scientific manner.

In reply to your comments, I have replied below, so as to stick to the points made by you. To distinguish from your comments, i have replied in BOLD. Pls dont mistake it as anything other than an attempt to distinguish my reply from your comments.

Le, I think you need to tone down your language and keep your prejudices to yourself.You really crossing the line here.Any angst/grudges you may have against any religion/religious practices/sociopolitical setups are best vented on other forums which deals with such things.
          As for running down alternative systems of medicine like Ayurveda you are only revealing your ignorance. Also you knowledge of science seems pretty poor and for someone who keeps harping on data and death rates and maternal mortality rates,I don’t see you presenting any hard data other than anecdotal garbage like how many children your ancestors had to produce.
            Its funny how you join the forum and start by venting against “natural farming” “Vaastu Shastra” “Ayurveda” etc.Do you have any interest in farming or are you here to be a Troll?