Farm Fencing



The actual stone cost is Rs.150 but as the place is far from my farm it is
taking Rs.150 for Transportation, so my advice is to procure the poles
nearer to your place so that you could get at a lesser cost.



Very true. Thanks for your reply.



Do you remember if this was TATA wire?


I am doing farming for the last four years. For my farm i have installed SOLAR FENCING ,though it is comparatively little costly than other type of fencing it is mostly suitable and the A P govt is giving subsidy ,plan for it


can you please explain us the solar fencing system, wanted to know more details. please help out


Here is the quote from SURANA NETS PRIVATE LIMITED for chain link

Adding for the records

3”x 3” x 10G Commercial @Rs.9.00
3”x 3” x 10G 50GSM HOT DIP Galv @Rs.10.00
2” x 2” x 10G Commercial @Rs.12.00
2” x 2” x 10G 50GSM HOT DIP Galv @Rs.13.50
3”x 3” x 12G Commercial @Rs.6.50
3”x 3” x 12G 50GSM HOT DIP Galv @Rs.7.15
2” x 2” x 12G Commercial @Rs.9.30
2” x 2” x 12G 50GSM HOT DIP Galv @Rs.10.00


Solar fencing costs you around Rs 210 per running meter with 50% subsidy both by Telangana and AP govts.

You need to take care of digging the hole and concrete filling as that is your expense.
You might also be asked to bring few labor for support at your cost.

Current villagers know how to twist the solar fencing and get in, so it would not protect from the 2 legged animals, but yes it does protect from 4 legged animals.


Hi Sir,

For farm purpose do we need 3" or could we plan for 4 inch and should be bit economical right.



Is it for the fence wire only? Per square foot?
Transport, erection etc. additional?


Thanks for your reply.
it would be very costly i guess.


If your question is for chain link of 3x3 or 4x4, I think it will be big enough for some trouble makers, general recommendation is to have 2x2, worst case 2.5 x 2.5


The quote is for chain-link mesh with transport till Pulkal (near Sangareddy), Please note that this is PRE-GST rates and may or may not be accurate. This is for reference only.

I think post material every expense is the farm owners

Nice question though :slight_smile:


Sir if Govt is giving 50% subsidiary on Solar fencing then this will be one of the good option , if cost of our own fencing is more that 50% subsidiary giving by Gov… Pls comment on this


I had a requirement of doing fencing and I used plastic pipes filled with concrete inside them . I bought 20 ft pipes and cut them at 6.5 ft each approx . The pipes were 3 inch diameter and I had them filled with cement and sand premix . The height of my fence is around 5.2 ft .


Plastic pipe will become soft in long run. Is it not?
I am also looking for setting up farm fence.but not able to get 8ft stone poles/kadis…if any one has better alternative for cement /stone poles , please let me know. I heard iron rods or angulars are not safe as iron prone to theft.


Inside the plastic pipe please fill the pipes with mixture of cement , sand and gravel to strengthen the pipes .


Plastic pipe means PVC ? I think ,plastic will chip off when exposed to sunlight .correct me if i am wrong. What is the material composition u have used to fill the pipe? What is the diameter of the pipe?


Plastic pipe will not chip off . You can use a 3inch or 4 inch pipe depending on how strong your fence needs to be . Use a good quality pipe like finolex which can withstand rain , sunlight , heat etc . Even if the pipe chips off there will be concrete inside the pipe to maintain strength and rigidity . Adding a 6 mm iron rod inside the concrete can further strengthen the pipe . A 4mm pipe is enough , but for additional rigidity you can use a 6mm thick pipe


Hi! Dhanapal,
Could you share the AP govt subsidy details for solar farm fencing and which department should be contacted for it.


We have 2 acres of land. In that 2 acres we have planed to keep Natukodi Farm, for that I’ve decided to fix mesh fencing (Height 7 feet). Please let me know the total estimation cost for 2 acres mesh.