Farm fencing - Need contacts


  I recently acquired 4.45 acres of rain fed dry land for natural farming near bobbili of vizianagaram district in andhra. I want to fence this land and I am looking for reliable contacts who do this work like casting cement poles, erecting the fence etc near this area i.e places like gajapathi nagaram, salur, bobbili, ramabhadrapuram and vizianagaram.

If any one from these areas have any knowledge regarding the same please help. If you also had fenced your own land, please let me know the cost also. Any other precautions regarding fencing are most welcome.

I did go through the farm fence topic and wiki. But the prices may have changed after that period.

I would also like to get any reliable water diviner contact in these areas.



Here are recent prices around Hyderabad:

  1. 7’ machine pressed concrete poles with four 4mm rods: Rs. 240 each

  2. Mesh chain link fence material, 12 gauge, 2.5 inch gaps; per square foot: Rs. 10

  3. Stone Kadis, 7’ height: Rs. 185 each

  4. Installation, calculated per pole, includes fencing. 2’ depth: Rs. 100 using soil and Rs. 140 with concrete (labour only).

These prices are as quoted, reductions are likely. Buying direct from the manufacturer is likely to reduce costs by 10-20%.

It is generally seen that concrete poles have a limited life; they tend to break/sag after a few years and their quality is suspect. Stone kadis are probably a better choice.


Thanks airfoil for the info. I heard that stone pillars are not standard in those areas. And i also heard and seen that most/all people have  cement poles only. I think the reason is non-availability of stone kadis in those regions and whatever may be available might not be of good quality.

I actually want to go for stone ones only for cost and durability. Will try to find someone.

So, you mean, if I require 200 poles, it will cost me 200x185 + 200x100 + mesh cost ?

Manufacturer means the mesh/wire manufacturer? How to know who manufactures?



If you check in any district level industrial area you will get atleast one firm on this job. In Bangalore there are atleast more than 50 companies doing this job. Even my city(very small city) also has one indutry

Points what I observed were:

Different industry offer different type of specification, say spacing, GI coating depth, gauage of the wire etc. It is difficult to compare cost and qualitywise, each has their own points to prove theirs is superior quality.

One will offer sqr ft, other offer sqr mtrs or running feet(constant width).

word of cuation, those who work on fencing should have considerable experience otherwise, it will start sagging, wrinkles will form,
I saw a frmer with saline soil,who had this type of fencing got (bottom 1ft ) corroded(literally eaten away)


  I inquired one from Dodballapur and he quoted 380 Rs/Sft including the poles, wiring, transport and labor. the distance between each pole is 8 ft and can be increased to 10ft as well (with change in price) and he will be arranging 3 levels of wire from pole to pole. I found this to be on the higher side. Need to inquire more.



AKS, are you sure it is per sft? I heard some quote per pole( including all charges). I think it is per pole.


Sorry, its not sft but per foot length where the fencing will be put in. I thought it to be on the higher side, but still searching for other options.


These quotes are in and Bangalore

  1. Cement bent pole Fence:

6" x 6" and height of 8’6" concrete poles with nine holes to pass barbed wire will cost you Rs.1200 each with fixing and transportation.

Barbed wire 12/14  means 12 gauge Nile and 14 gauge will be runners
12 gauge means 2.5 mm thickness and 14 gauge means 2 mm thick will cost you Rs. 85/kg + tax which will give you approx 28 feet  You have to calculate no. of rows of barb wire you require.

You can also use chain link mesh of sizes 3" x 3" or 4" x 4" spacing and gauge like 10 or 12 which  costs Rs. 10/sft for 12 gauge and Rs. 14/sft for 10 gauge. height/width of these meshes available in all sizes from 1’ to 8’ you have to place order to get your required width and length.

You require 16 gauge GI plain wire to tie in both cases.

For chain link mesh you can use nut and bolt if your poles are connected with metal members.

  1. Stone poles will come in different sizes
      4" x 4"  cost to check
      4" x 6"  cost to check
      6" x 6"  height will be 7 feet and costs Rs. 100/no

Again barb wire and chain link you decide.

Each pole fixing charges will be Rs. 10/- Rs. 20/- from place to place and no. of poles to be fixed (Only labour)

Labour to fix barb wire is Rs. 600 per bundle which is 25 to 30 kgs depending on manufacturer and gauge of the wire use select.

Labour to fix chain link mesh is Rs. 20/rft to 50/rft based on height of the mesh and quantities.

Think This will help all to calculate their fencing expenses.  If any one wants more clarification ready to clarify.

Note :  Feet  ’
          inch "


Hi Krishnaprasad,

Thanks for the info. Just bought a 5 acres near bangalore and need to get the fencing done. checked with few of them and they are quoting Rs250 per stone pole of 6x6 with 8feet. Your quote seems to be reasonable. Please can you guide me with some contact numbers who I can talk to.



The pole rates are two month old near Madhugiri, now I am also looking 400 nos the supplier is quoting 6" x 6" x  7’0" Rs. 170-200/PC.  If you have time to buy,  when I am buying will add your quantity also.  Please message place of delevery


Thanks for quick response.

The place of delivery will be around 20KM from Madhugiri and towards Gauribidnur. I am not sure of how many poles I need for 5.5 acres with four side fencing. Whats you size of land for which you are planning for 400 numbers.

As well need to clean the land and looking for a JCB and looks like no body was to come for 4hrs rather they are all quoting full day rate. Anyone JCB near Gauribidnur?



You require approximate of 300 poles for 5.5 acres.  Please message your contact no.  will give you JCB guys who are ready to do for 4 hours also.  If you know anyone near also want JCB then club together and negotiate with JCB guys.

The pole distance is 8 feet from pole to pole. In your place also you will get poles at reasonable rates.  Please visit some stone workers (Vaddaru) in near by quarry (bande).  Please do not go to middle men, they charge a bomb. 
Any other details please do not hesitate to post. 


Hi Krishna,

Sent a PM with my contact number. Appreciate your help.



Will call in in one hours time.


Thanks for your call, it was nice to talk to you.


Am also trying to do the same. If you folks are not done with the work yet, i would be needing about 400 of 7 feet poles along with barbed wire with JCB too! let me know.



Me and tnm have found supplier ready to supply at Rs. 75-00 + for single pole of 6" x 6" x 8 feet + transportation, loading unloading. Please message your contact info will share more details


Recently we bought 14 acres of land near Yellodu (near Bagepalli) and need to put fencing. Looking for stone polls.
Please let me know the contact details in and around Bagepalli area who can do the fencing job for us.




Will be buying a farm at Turvekere. Would you guys please help me with some contacts towards the stone poles??

I have the following approach:

  1. Buy the barbed wires from bangalore - Micon @ 12/12 - 100 GSM - 90 rs + taxes.
  2. Buy the stone poles from the quarry - will also seen quite a good number of slabs
  3. Lease the wiring work to a contractor

Does this work??



Please buy TATA barbed wire from bangalore. Balance procedure is ok but negotiate before purchaging or giving contract to any one.  Have atleast 3/5 quotes from your area without the knowledge of the other contactor or vendor