Farm advice needed for Farm Pond Liners

I am done with digging of my Farm pond and am looking for pond liner or geo-membrane liner. Would appreciate if someone can clarify these questions. I have a farm pond of 15m x 15 m x 2.5m.

  1. What is the recommended microns for a farm pond.
  2. Any contact information of the dealers in and around Hyderabad
  3. Any videos or experience of how to lay it.

Any person who deals can call me directly on 9494-55-9494
Shreshta Farms

I have constructed 40 x 40 x 9m deep capacity of farmpond 80 lakh liters capacity in Dabilguda village Maheswaram Mandal contact me in WhatsApp 9618010203


I have a small pond of 45’X30’X5’ and have used a product called RhinoMat 500 geomembrane. My farm is in Lepakshi and I am based in Bangalore. I bought the product from Noble Tarpaulin Company in Davangere. He sent it by transport to Bangalore. The manufacturer is Interwrap. They have a factory in Sivassa. You can find more information about them on their website -
Let me know if you have any further questions.
R Sarkar


Hi Rao garu, What is the total cost for constructing 80L Ltr farmpond. And also could you please elaborate individual cost details like, for digging the pond, for liners and etc… Thanks for your time.


Dear sir for digging pong 60 / per cubic meter, For sheet 116/- per square meter this is 500 microns one


Thanks for the info, Sir.

Hello Ronnie,
Can you please let me know the cost of RhinoMat Pond Liners? Is it difficult to install? Did you have to use Heat Sealing of different sheets on site?
I am planning to have a small irrigation pond of 20ft x 10ft x 8 ft. I cannot decide if it should be a DIY Job or should I get professional help.I have been told that professional installers will not take up such small projects.

Hello Shankar,

I did a DIY job. I asked the distributor to send me a 45’ x 45’ piece. He did the joining and sent it to me by transport. I paid him a little over INR 22,500. This was in July 2015. I then got a few farm hands and got it laid. Later some miscreants burnt a portion of it and I got some more material from the distributor, then cut out the area using a large scissors and patched it up using an adhesive from Pidilite Industries (the one used by puncture repair folks). We used sandpaper to scrape it a bit. It was fairly easy and didn’t even seem too obvious.

If I were you, I would just buy a 40’ x 30’ piece, that should give a couple of feet overhang on each side and fix it yourself with the help of farm hands.

Let me know if you have any further questions, Shankar.




Hey Ronnie, Thanks for the quick and detailed response. I had spoken to the Supplier at Hosur yesterday and he too said the same thing. It will be a 13mx10m piece which will be heat sealed at the joint and packed for me. Will cost me Rs 100 per sq mtr. I have to arrange the laying using local labourers. I just hope I don’t make a mess of it. Thanks again for your input. Have a lovely day. Cheers… Shankar

Hi Ronnie,
I need yet another clarification.
I will be pumping the water from the bore well to the proposed Irrigation Pond which may hold up to 33,000 litres of water.
The Irrigation Pond will be connected to the Drip Irrigation main line and it’s water will be used for irrigation.
My question is what should be the HP Sizing of the pump?
The length of the Main Line could be approx 300 metres, so the motor should be capable of pushing water over 300 metres with sufficient pressure to force the water through the laterals and emitters.
Drip irrigation is being supplied by M/s Jain Irrigation. Will they be able to advice me better?
What are your farm water requirements and specifics of motor pump? Can you please share for the benefit of all of us?
Thanks in advance.

My farm specifics:
Bore depth 425 feet
Pump is 8HP/18 Stage
Electrical source - Solar
Solar Energy will replace existing 12.5 kv DG Set.
Same Solar Setup (using a Changeover switch) will provide power to run the Pump Set that will be used for Drip irrigation.
Note: - At any point of time, only 1 of the 2 pumps will be switched on. The other will be off.

Ronnie am very keen to know what kind of adhesive u used to stick the pond liner. I spent a whole day in NC road in Bangalore and bought all sorts of glues including pidilite, glues for metal bonding etc etc none worked.

I even bought a heating machine ( Bosch) to do a DIY but the machine heating capacity was not enough to do the job and finally I had to coax a professional to come and do it.

I had extensive damage done to the liner because of rats bitting into the liner 2 years back. Our solution now is to keep the pond full at all times to avoid rats damaging the liner at lower levels


Terribly sorry for the delayed reply, was busy with a few things the last couple of weeks.

Are you using RhinoMat?

We used the Fevicol SR 998, sourced from the local hardware on Budh Vihar Road, for the damage on our RhinoMat. It has been couple of years and it still looks good.



Hey Shankar,

Terribly sorry for the delayed reply, was busy with a few things the last couple of weeks.

I am no expert on pumps. I was (still am) dependent on others to size my pumping requirements.

I guess it is best to take the help of Jain Irrigation or a local expert who can take a look at your land and advise.

I understand Jain Irrigation has a drip set up for small farms (quarter acre) which uses gravity.



@Shankar61, can you share the contact details of the supplier in Hosur? I’m also looking at building a pond, and researching liners.

Hi Ronnie,
It’s alright, no harm done bcoz of the delayed reply. The JCB could not dig beyond a few feet at the proposed site because the earth was very hard and the excavators teeth was very short and blunt. Since I was in a hurry to get the Drip lines installed, I gave up the idea of building a storage pond (for now). Now water will be pumped directly from the borewell to the Drip lines. So now the trenching has been done accordingly, and the Drip Lines will be installed in a few days after Diwali holidays. I hope it works satisfactorily. Thanks anyways.

Hello Terran,
I did not buy the Rhinomat yet, due to excavation issues (as mentioned above). However, I was in touch with Mr. Guru of Farmula Agri Ventures, Hosur. His number is +91-8071745109.

Our Forum is only as good and effective as the Members want it to be. We have so many Senior members who have a world of knowledge and wisdom that they can share with the newcomers, if they want to. I request the members, Seniors as well as the newbies, to respond to queries enthusiastically. It may help some one who is separately looking for urgent information, advice or help.
I am saying this because I am desperately looking for about 10 tractor loads of cow dung manure to mix in the pits before planting the saplings. I have placed a request in this Forum seeking contacts or leads, but so far no one has responded. It is quite disappointing, to say the least. It is urgent because the monsoon will end soon and planting cannot be delayed beyond mid-November…I hope someone responds positively soon.Thanks.
P.S…Locals are eager to make merry and are quoting ridiculously high rates of Rs 4k to 5k for one tractor load of Cow Dung Manure. Sad…

Thanks, Shankar61, I will get in touch with him.
Regarding manure, I am also in the same boat as you: all the suppliers are quoting 4-5K per load, and even that seems very poor quality, half full of random garbage, not pure cow manure. I’m thinking of only using green manure, sowing horsegram and cowpea and then slashing it down before planting.


I got a 500micron HDPE pond liner from Grow tech, Pune. (Black colour)
Mr.Dilip seems to be a very honest person.

He quoted a rate of 100rs/sqmeter including fabric, joining and 1 supervisor for installation. Plus 18% GST.

Only problem was the transportation, had to pay nearly 20k for transportation from Pune to Mysore.