Experience of buying barren land and agriculture farming in TN or KA

request members who can share their experience in buying baren land in TN or KA and developing the same in successful farms

Interesting that finding Mathew from KL in GJ interested lands at KA & TN?
Good, developing barren land in to fruitful orchard is an creativity where any one can show the world that how better creativity he has got.
It will be challenge to any one to show his ability to this world to serve the mother nature.

Comparing to other lands, it will be easy to negotiate waste lands rate as even seller is also knows that the land is not useful for him after all.
Unless one is an agriculturist, they cannot purchase agriculture land in Karnataka. Any one interested can purchase Agriculture land in TN

Wishing you all the best and what can I do for you?


thanks well noted. Am from KL and for the job am in GJ. bscly from a famrming family and have agri land in my name and intres in agri farming too. so bscly looking for cheap land in TN for farming now and if any members could share their real experiance it would be worthwile


Dont waste your time in Karnataka. Here every land owner however useless his land is, thinks his land is the best. The way they say is that  “just a few feet down the soil, you will only have to look for sheets of gold” and you will find it…

Gone are the days when barren land used to get sold cheap. Now any land is in the range of lakhs or in multiples of that per acre. All jacked up by these brokers.

I am not sure what is the status in TN, I think ever there they must have become smart.



hi Murali,

thanks for the feed backs. still looking ahead posetivly to acquire either in TN or KA…


i am shajath from Tamil nadu, i am in the field of sourcing bulk agriculture land in tamil nadu for the past 12 years. I had tremedous experience. In the initial stage i find very difficult to select tight person in the field, i will ask the buyer to come to see the land myself along with buyer come to the particular spot, the person who know the land will disappear and switchedoff his mobile. In some cases the person in the field will show the land already sold. After a deep strugle, now i fixed a line of steps first i will see the land, deal with the real land owner, analyse whether the land is salable one and is there any loan pending with the local bank, is there any government condition ( in tamil nadu if the land issued by the government for SC/ST, they should not sell the land, but they will make registration in your name, but can’t claim the ownership). Even from buyer side they will ask the land  without informing the purpose like regular agriculture activity or horticulture or for Dairy/Sheep farm. Because there are different types of soil,  one can’t use for all purpose.

Now i become a perfect agent to secure a suitable land for the buyers.


Hi Shajath,

So now you are experienced, for the benefit of all, can you indicate, how cheap the land is at TN ?.

I mean the barren  land, i but with some effort can be used for agriculture.


Murali KG

Hi Shajath

we are awaiting for Mr Murali;s quiery. ///kindly guide

rajan mathew

hai  Good morning to every one

As i was in a tour for sourcing land for a NRI, i could not able to reply in time, fine.

There is no uniform price for barren land in tamil nadu over all district. Some district are near to metro and near to developed due to industrires. As far my concern the appox rate per acre availbale in some dist in tamil nadu.

You can’t find barren land in Salem, Erode and Coimbatore dist. As these cities are well developed due to Iron, Steel and textile industries. Even if barren land in small available but the rates are high compare to other dist. The barren lands are  available in Dharmapuri, Krishnagiri, Trichy, Perambalor, Ariyaloor, Tirunelvelli, Madurai, Virudunagar, Sivagangai, Dindugal, Pattukottai, Ramanathauram,Tiruvannamalai etc., The ground water is available all most all dist suitable for mirco irrigation.

Major part of the trichy, ariyaloor and perambaloor dist are soil in black suitable for specified crops. All most all part of the Krishnagiri, Dharmapuri, Dindugal and Tiruvannamalai are soil in red colour suitable for all types of crops particularly Hotriculture and tree plantations. 

Suitable labours is the main problem in agriculture. The peoples in southern dist like Trichy, tirunelvelli, madurai are not in their home town. They located in Chennai, Bangalore and bombay even in foreign countries. Agir labours are available in Dharmapuri, Krishnagiri Tiruvannamalai.

The rates are minimum 1,00,000 per acre in south tamil nadu. and the rate per acre in Dharmapuri, Krishnagiri and thiruvanamalai are above 2,00,000/- .

While buying lands in southern dist like madurai, Virudunagar like have to take care as there are changes for double registration. You can get the land registered in you name but can’t take possession of the land. 

The above said details are only my opinion and not subjected any debate


Dear Swamy,

Wow, that really a detailed report. Thanks for the same. I appreciate your concern in helping others by being very very transparent.

Krishnagiri and Dharmapuri are near to Hosur and Bangalore. So the rates there are in excess of 2L/acre. I had seen in Thalli and Denkani Kote, My god the rates there are in excess of 5 to 10 L/Acre because of closeness to E.City and Hosur / Anekal. This rate is ok if you are setting up an industry. But not for agriculture.



i am currently working for a MNC in Bangalore. I am planning quit my job and move to Hosur early next year. I have a plan to lease 2-3 acres of land to try my hand in agriculture. I do not have any experience in the filed, but would like to learn and practice full time.

As Murali rightly said, developed agri lands around denkanikottai are going for 10 lakhs/acres. So, to be safe, one can lease a piece of land first to experiment and learn. After gaining experience one can purchase.  This is what i plan to do.

Any suggestions/ideas that would be of helpful to me are welcome.



One way to check for double registration / adverse possession is to do some of the steps in land purchase in reverse. By this what i mean is that usually, land survey by village official is left to be done as the last thing after property is purchased and registration done. But when you go to do the survey all the people with claims with start coming out of the woodwork and defeat your aspirations and you money will be gone, goodbye.

So when you are really interested in the piece of land, first negotiate with owner abut rates and other terms, then out of your own pocket shell out money and get survey done. All that the potential seller has to do is sign the application form, which if he is really genuine, he shouldn’t have a problem with. Survey rates are very nominal, but you have to pay “under-the-table” to get the village official to process your application and bring it to top-of-the-list. Survey official will publish official notice that he is going to survey the land piece on so-and-so day and all interested parties should be present for their claims. So when official survey is done, then all the first/previous purchasers, loan givers, malicious fellows, gossip mongerels, etc will start coming out and make protests/complaints/information. If nobody but you and seller turns up, then 90-95% chance that no problem likely to exist.

Of course, this is not fool-proof method, but for a few thousand rupees, you can save lakhs on getting cheated. My friend in Mumbai does this way only. If he is interested, he first negotaites informally, then asks for survey to be done and then only any other step.

Pls be careful in buying land. Farmers are not pure innocent creatures, but like all of us, interested in their own welfare first and the rest be dammed.

For lands in Karnataka you can check bhoomi.karnataka.gov.in/landrecordsonweb/, you will get all the details.  I think its updated with all area.

Dear Shajath,

I’m sathish from bangalore.

Let me know if there any agricultural land for sale in TN, with 1-2 lakhs per acre. preferably 100-150 kms from bangalore.

I would like to buy 2 acres of land for setting up milk diary / farming.It could also be a dry land. I know my investment is very small, but my ambition is to start a diary / farming.
My grand father is a farmer and is no more. I have a 1 acre of land in vellore which is agricultural land and a ancestral property. Can I still buy the agricultural land with the proof of my grand father saying I belong to farmer family. My salary is 5 lacs per annum.

Please let me know on this.

Dear All,

Sorry I could not access the forum since last 1 week as I was away to lock the deal on land purchase. Deal has locked but still several hurdles. I have appointed two different advocates to issue clean title report of the property I have made agreement for buy. I would like to share my experience as several misconceptions attached with land buying will be cleared on that.

I was continuously staying for 2 days in the land before make agreement to sale and walked each inches of the land personally by checking and visualizing how the land can be converted in to a most sough ted and best farm within 4-5 years. 

Pls see the below things and correct me if anything wrongs:

  • Tax docs like chitta, patta, 7/12 may contain owners name but it does not guarantee that seller has legal right to sell the land. So even though tax or land revenue docs have preceding owners name does not guarantee that we are getting in to buy legally clean title docs.

  • always appoint a lawyers from the pannel of nearest nationalized bank. I have appointed a lawyers from SBI pannel and other a criminal lawyers to asses properly.

  • Buy the land only when lawyer has issued Clean marketable Title report

  • Even EC has owners name but beware several sales deeds in previous history may missing and several sales could have taken place by simply unregistred Rs. 1 0 stamp paper. In past several lands where assigned by government for beneficiary with a condition non transferable for locked years. But being an ancential property, generations may handover property with mear paper of unregistered deeds and some of the generation might sold the property, When ancintial property sold w/o proper consent of all legal heirs there may be objections/ claim may arise when we owe the land. Even though some advocates advise to publish in news paper for NOC but in court of law it would be a just deffence tool but can not be sustain.

So it is very important specifically when we buy outside mother state get Clean Title report issued by a advocate from a pannel of Nationalised banks. advocates from some private banks or ordinary practicing lawyers may issue title report basis tax docs which is wrong and risky.  I have seen from past records same property sold twice by different owners basis Power of attorney and w/o power of attorney . So all these discrepancies can bring only when Clean Title report issued. For title report buyer should appoint advocate and pay./ If the deal materilised he can deduct same from sale proceeds. It would not cost us more but safe to our hard earned money.


Dear Rajan,

Finally you did it. You fought all the odds.

After registration post some pictures. I request you to take pictures of every step of development works and post on the forum.
Let it be a good foot print for others to follow.


Dear Sri,

thanks. But the sweet mango is just close to the mouth, not eaten…!! it is sales agreement done,. but still as said few discrepancies in title deeds prior to 25 years and hence title report is not clean so pushing seller to make clear so deed can done,. you are aware that how lawyers in nationalized banks specifically SBI digging up records. since it is ultimately good for us, I prefer to face odds and title searching till 1960…unbelievable…but its true. we may think and believe just 12 years clean tax docs will protect us/ give full clean title to the land but it is untrue. when we do the title search several obstacles and missing links in previous records and thus some time sale itself make illegal. .


Mathew wrote:

Could any member please clearly explain a totally foolproof method to detect this fraud i.e. if any previous sale/several sales of the same land may have taken place on an unregistered Rs. 10 stamp paper. Thanks.

Dear Aman,

As said,

quote - always appoint a lawyers from the pannel of nearest nationalized bank. I have appointed a lawyers from SBI pannel and other a criminal lawyers to assess properly.

so ask seller to present all original deed documents to our nominated advocate. and you ask the lawyer to bring the title to property clear for last 50 years. that will bring all legal aspects of the deed thing.


Hi, I am planning to buy land in Tamil Nadu. There is this land ceiling act which says that a person can hold only 15 acres in his name. But there are sellers who own like 900 acres (basically quantities more than the land ceiling). Is it safe to buy the land from these sellers?? Can it be that the government can tomorrow say the sell of land by such sellers is null and void because the land was in excess of the land ceiling ??