Everything We need to know about Poly House Farming

Hi Friends,

I am Ravikumar, i am in business for a long time now in bangalore.  Now i am exploring the possibility of taking up farming as business opportunity.

before to even start anything, i am trying to gather all the necessary information from well experienced guys.

I have a friend who is lending me land for lease near Kanakapura which is dry flat land of 80ft * 200ft that is 16000sq ft which has sufficient water.

my intention for now is to construct a poly house and grow lettuce with hydroponic method.

now the list of questions are long.

1 as i am going for lease of the land, will i be eligible for government subsidy?

2 though i can construct the structure myself where can i procure the polythin sheet to cover the green house with cost.

3 is there market demand in bangalore if i can produce 200 kilo per day.

4 which is the most effective selling method of grown crop

5 can i export the lettuce produced if yes the complete procedure details are appriciated.

this is my first forum post
Please excuse any mistakes

Thanks in advance.

Dear Sri Csravikumar,                Welcome to our forum.                                    1. Getting subsidy for green/poly house ,if constructed in a leased land , is very difficult ( may not be practicable).                                  2. Poly film of 200 microns thickness, with anti sulphur, UV Stabilised, is available in JC road, Bengaluru,  with m/s agriplast, with m/s IGLPvt ltd, Pune etc. If you give your sizes, they will supply you accordingly.                      3. If your produce is with good quality, lot of market is there in Bengaluru. For quality vegetables, there is enough market.                4. You can send it to city market, Bengaluru, you can send to koyembedu, chennai market.                      5. Exporting is a big challenge. First the quantity, ( huge quantities are required), second the qualty  (international standards are to be filled ).        With best wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer

Dear Sri Csravikumar,    200 micron UV stabilised, anti sulphur, poly film is available with Sri Bhavin, pH no 09845019059.  Best wishes,  g.p.rao,    farmer.

g.p rao sir…good evening

this is pvrao, i am planing to recharge my borewell directly, water collectd from plyhouse, as i have less water…here i have a question in this reg… is there any problem for motor, because of the force of the water, when they fall…and till now anyone tried as per your information…any more suggestions in this reg.
and is there any  consultancies available in hyderabad with buyback schemes veg/flowers…thankyou sir

Dear Sri PVRao,

Up to my knowledge, and as Recommended by concerned department, we can not give connection to bore well, directly.

Abutting to the bore well, dig a pit of size 12 ft x 12 ft x 20 ft depth, fill the bottom ,up to 5 ft height with stony sand of size 5 mm, and on top of it, up to another 5 ft height fill with half inch size gravel, again on it fill 2 inch size gravel to a height of 5 ft.

On top of it ,put boulders of of 1 ft size till ground level. Construct a 6 inch boarder all around and provide a drain water connection at one side. This water will recharge your bore well slowly.

With best wishes,    g.p.rao,  farmer

Agree, direct connection to a bore is not recommended and will affect the ground water quality.

sir thank you…
is it ok if i construct a farm pond and fill with gutter water from polyhouse? my question is…do the rain water will have enough ph and ec levels and other required contents for irrigation…
sir…any consultants available to guide us and can make frequent visits on payment for polyhouse farming…please let me know if you any contacts… thank you

Dear Sri Pvrao,

It is a good and standard practice,  to allow/connect Poly house Gutter water in to farm pond,  which is dug nearby.

The rain water generally will have good pH value and almost 0 EC water, which is excellent for any crop.

Generally it is very difficult to get a consultant for a small area of cultivation. You can avail the services of consultant, if they are doing consultancy for nearby farms,  of yours.

With best wishes,  g.p.rao,  farmer

sir thank you…
for polyhouse farming (veg/flowers)…bed preparation, my soil is  red soil, but the ph level is 7.90 and ec is 0.21… while bed preparation  when we mix with the manure do ph level comes down?..and what quantity manure,do we require for  for 5100sqrmtr…it would be very greatfull for help since long…thank you sir…

Dear Sri Pvrao,

For bed preparation in your poly house of 5,100 sq mtrs:

As your soil is with ph 7.9, add gypsum 1.5 to 2 tonnes, along with 4 to 5 tonnes of good composted  FYM ( goat/sheep or cattle ). After a rain and/or water spread, plough the land when it is in suitable dry humid condition (when soil is in  Padunu and/ or Shabbi). Rotovate the soil, prepare the beds and your pH will be either 7 or less than 7, in a month.

If EC of water is 0.24 , it is very good and can be up to 1( not bad up to 1500 ppm ).you can grow vegetables and flowers comfortably.

With best wishes,  g.p.rao,  farmer

sir… thank you
i am little confused about manure ration…in my recent search on soil preparation, in a technical bulletin by iihr, Bangalore… it is mentioned that decomposed manure need to be added 20-25kgs per square meter…you said its 4-5 tonnes,…i see large quantity variation…sir could you please clear to me… thankyou

Dear Sri Pvrao,

It is purely typing mistake. Instead typing 4 to 5 trucks of FYM, it was typed as 4 to 5 tonnes ,by mistake. Sorry for it.

To my land of 2 1/2 acre Chrysanthemum, I had apply 15 trucks of FYM ie; @ 6 trucks per acre.

Pl read as " 4 to 5 truck loads " for your 5,100 sq mtr poly house.

With best wishes,  g.p.rao,  farmer

sir good evening…
what is the different between foggers and misters? actully i have plan to go rose farming, as polyhouse is under construction, i am missing this season, so i thought to go veg crop than plan rose for next season…for myself also, i will get some experiance too about farming… when it comes to irrigation system (NETAFIM) planning for rose i have to go for misters…, most of veg growers goes for foggers…now i can not change these things frequently… Can i go capsicum or cucumber with using misters in summer… sir, i hope you got my question…

sir, lost time u advised me to use gypsum to control ph levels,is it the same one which they use in interior work, or specific quality available for agriculture use, if yes what could be the price and which stores it is availble…thank you…

Dear Sri Pvrao,

Misters spray small visible water drops. Foggers spray very small, very minute particles of water, in the farm as fog. Even fogged water particle fell on plant leaves or flowers or vegetables, they will not get wetted. It will be like touching natural fog.

Up to my experience, misters are used for leafy vegetable crops, for Anthurium and Orchids crops.

Mostly foggers are used in green houses for the crops like Gerber’s, roses, colour capsicum, cucumber etc. We were told and we used foggers only.

Gypsum can be used in the beds in green hoses also, when needed.

With best wishes,    g.p.rao,  farmer

You can find some of the best collection of Green House farming articles here farmersgrid.com/tag/green-house

sir good evening, thank you for your valuable suggestions and service…

sir here are my polyhouse measurments… have two sheds…41X69 (2829 sqmtrs) and 33X69(2277 sqmtrs),sir how to plan bed preparation, in one direction it is 19 mtrs length each bed or 33 mtrs length …which is is suggestable and easy to maintain and other advantages and disadvantages… in either direction…thank you

Dear sri PVrao,

if possible, pl post your green house photos, showing/marking north. if not ,send details of sizes north to south, east to west with gutter seating etc.

with best wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer

Dear sri PVrao,

if possible, pl post your green house photos, showing/marking north. if not ,send details of sizes north to south, east to west with gutter seating etc.

with best wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer
here i am attaching two pics of my total land and polyhouse plan…please go through and give valauble advice…thank you

Dear Sri Pvrao,

I became voice less by seing the sizes of your poly houses. Up to my experiance and knowledge, Gutters will be fixed at a distance of 8 mtrs interval. one side at 4 mtrs and other side at 4 mtrs, GI vertical posts will exist. In other direction, in rows, GI vertical posts will exist at 4 mtr distance.

In general, the poly house sizes will be multiples of 8 mtrs x multiples of 4 mtrs.  ie; 20 mtrs, 24 mtrs, 28 mtrs, 32 mtrs
etc. any how i advise to measure the distance between two gi posts, existing in north to south and east to west.

Generally the beds will be made between East to west.Rows will exist on north to south. This will allow the sun rise to fall on the entire row uniformly, as stated by agri experts.

with best wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer


sir…good afternoon

i believe something wrong in my drawing…now i have attached drwaning given by the company…here it is one shad drwaing…but second one also same in directions with 33x69 sqt…i hope, now you will have an idea and give your suggetion for bed directions…thank you