Electric tillers cultivators

Hi Guys,
any members come across front tine electric power tiller being sold in india.

Shortlisted the Black Decker electric TL-10 8.5amps (us$250+shipping=500us$) for tilling the mango tree basin to loosen the soil while making troughs for applying fertiliser.
hav e also gone in non organic mulch in small way.
Arranging chipper shredder for in house mulching arrangment.

Is there any better way??

Due labour shortage work gets delayed and i get frustated.
Blackmailis something i hadnt bargained for when switched professions.
Taking all in my stride, fighting my way out with mechanisation and technology.
Hav had very bad experiences with local lbour.

Shortlisted the Black Decker electric TL-10 8.5amps (us$250+shipping=500us$) for tilling the mango tree basin [/quote]

Any particular reason you’re choosing a corded electric tiller? I came across rave review of Mantis lightweight tiller a few days back which is about the same size but with a small two stroke engine. Highly recommended on journeytoforever.org [scroll down to the middle of the page].

As to mulching, you could just buy straw and spread it densely around the soil but if you have surplus biomass, I guess its okay to go for a chipper. Also check out with a customs agent about custom duty on the items you’re thinking to import.

Hi Newbie,
The BD TL10 is the best rated front tine tiller.
Besides its black decker the most rugged of the brands.
Had done a lot of google, every forum threw up TL10.

With petrol @rs80 and GOD knows where its headed makes sense going for electric.
Hav electricity at my farm, besides a 2stroke engine needs oil addition this leads to high maintanence.

The best feature is the TL10 is light wt but if u want some deep tilling it has a removable tank which can be filled with rewuired qtty of sand etc to give a heavy machine to dig/till deeper.

Is TL10 not good enuf??? as the 2stroke,

Any 2stroke will give you lot more power-agreed, power is not what am looking for its durability.
Besides the tree basins will tilled 3/4 times in a year to aerate the roots and also going in for Org or Non Organic mulching this will keep the soil very soft n manageable, lot of power not needed.

Regarding Mulching, wood chips are NOT RECOMENDED a they invite termites, straw isnt freely available(will be trying again this year.Also straw when totally dry is a potential tinder box, is also a every year expense.

Fallen leaves are usually gathered and put in the trough along with the fertiliser, havent finalised a chipper, could go in for a shredder mulcher or buy a non organic mulching weed mat(new one is excellent as it is inter weaved and a has tiny holes thru which air water pass easily. Not like regular black plastic sheet whic is water proof.

It may finally be NON ORGANIC mulch as its very effective an cheap.

Any other ideas suggestions welcomed.

Dear Rafiq,

Running electric devices will mean having power lines across the length and breadth of your farm, trailing the tiller all over the place. This will be cumbersome and will lead to the wire getting damaged over time. Where will you store the (huge amount of) wire when not in use? How will you wrap up the wire each time after use? Over a large area of 15 acres, this is impractical, electric tillers may be useful in a home-garden setting, not in large scale farming. Besides, wear and tear on what seems like a rather delicate garden device may lead to expensive maintenance - and in these cases you will suffer trying to source spares.

Perhaps you could consider investing in a mini-tractor like the Shakti MT-180D or a power tiller, - these wont be useful in tilling tree basins but could prove to be a value buy if put to good use.

Termites are generally considered to be farmers friends, although there are other schools of thought.

thezimbabwean.co.uk/life/env … riend.html

greenstone.org/greenstone3/n … owse&p.sa=

All in all, if you’re not going to use wood chips, I see little value in your buying a wood-chipper. Leaves and straw will decompose much faster than wood chips or wood pieces, especially when treated with an organic solution like Panchagavya. They need not necessarily be put through a shredder.

My suggestion is that you begin your project without buying expensive tools and implements (those that can be hired). Once you’re established and better understand your farm’s needs, make your investments in these items at that point.

Please post more information on the new weed mat you referred to.


Hi Naveen,
I forgot to mention that i hv existing farms with electricity supply.This particulr one is 5.25acres, (anthr of 9.25 acres.Both monocrop mango.)
Had laid 125mts of armoured cable last year centrally across the farm, with breaks at 25mts.
Hav also fabricated a 90mts(2300/-) rewindable reel cord extnsn which is connected to the main cable at the 25mts break via a multi plug.
This has electrified every nook and corner of the farms, may sound crude but works fine.Just cost 15,000/- for material n labour(has become a permanent solution.

The new property will also be electrified in similar manner, only central spinal armoured cable needed, extension can taken there with electrical equipment. What say?

Havnt purchased the chipper shredder mulcher yet(rs 40,000 is lot of money).
Dont plan to mulch with wood chips, wood chips used for mulching only in snow falling areas not in konkan.

For leaf collection hav opted for Blac decker leaf blower vaccums with shredding capability thru its metal impeller.

The mulcher by Workxs is just 120 n flowtron just 190us$, leaf blower vac also quite cheap.Hedge trimmer also quite cheap (all electric n by black decker).
The above not avlbl on rent nor for sale in india.

Tiller gas operated is avlbl on rent in local panchayat office but never in running condition.

Shredded leaves will compost faster n serve as a good mulch or compost.

If panchgavya helps leaves decompose faster will surely go for it.
Kindly advise, What is dosage of dilution of panchgavya.

Regarding weed mat its a new introduction in horti field in india(thats what supplier told me when i went enquiring abt mulching plastik) At 25/- per square mtr its viable if lasts for 5yrs, needs to be secured in place with stones n rocks.

If i hav to buy power tiller why not buy electric tiller? does electric hav operational disadvantgaes compared to gas operated, except the wire issue.

Labour is such a pain in the roots, at times feel like disposing off the farms n recently acquired lands, n investing elsewhere.

Apart from that, farming and village life gives you so much of peace of mind.
But labour issues are a big turn off, trying to overcome with means and machines.

Rafiq Yusuf

Your armored cable with points every 25m  is a very interesting concept! I assume you have no power cuts during the day in your area (In AP, most rural areas are without power for the entire day). Given your cable layout, perhaps it will not be as cumbersome as I envisioned as far as the wiring is concerned. This will allow the use of electric tools, but the problem of the wire trailing the machine will persist, restricting freedom of movement.

Please verify that the implements from the USA operate on a 220V 50Hz cycle before buying anything. Also, If I were you, I would research the applicability of using electric implements beyond the home gardens they are typically designed for. To my knowledge, these sort of implements are almost always gas-operated whenever used in a large scale in the USA.

A fossil-fuel operated tiller will score over an electric tiller simply because of its capability - can you imagine an equivalent electric device that will match, say, a 45HP tractor that you can buy? More so in laterite soil.

I believe there is no avoiding the use of a tractor/tiller though and you may feel the need for one at some point in the not too distant future. For example, weeding between rows is best accomplished using a tractor - a small hand held device will take forever to finish and will not stand the test of time, because of the large areas involved. Out here, there are private operators of tractors who will operate their tractors at about Rs. 300 per hour as against a JCB rate of Rs. 700.

I disagree that wood chips are meant only for snowy climes. Ultimately, wood chips are nothing but organic matter, just like the leaves. They may take longer to decompose than a shredded leaf, but they serve very well as mulch and/or humus. In fact, they will make for better mulch than shredded leaves because they will not get blown away by the wind as easily.

You’ll find more about Panchagavya (Jiwamrita) and other organic concoctions here:

palekarzerobudgetspiritualfarmin … mrita.aspx

Hi Naveen,

True we dont have a acute power situation like in AP, sorry abt that.Feel bad for hapless farmers.

this is at my existing farm with 15-20yr bearing trees having a 12ft dia n 1.5’ high ring 0r bund put up where tractor cant be operated.

the land isnt plain,its multi level and land locked, tractor cant be operated . so for tilling either hand or electric or gas tiller.

agreed, electric current ratings are different in usa and india-taken care of thru converter.

hav seen wood chips being used as mulch in britain and germany, our side its usually paddy straw and leaves-its a recurring expense.
Very true wood chips wont b blown away like mulch n leaves.
Havent seen anybody use wood chips to mulch mango trees in konkan-reason being termites.

the tree basin is dug up every year for fert application, result is that the trough where fert is applied is very easy to dig compared to other hardened areas, my perception, small machine would be sufficient.
My guess per tree should take max to max 5-8mins

I was contemplating organic mulch and covering with weed mat for double protection against weeds.will that be ok?

what is price of shakti 180D tractor.

a mini tractor, is an invaluable tool, will come in handy at the new 15acre project coming up shortly.
In fact it is quite a big piece of land with seperate 7/12, taking up development in parts for better utilisation of resources and management.
Taking up part dvlpmt bcos hav to organise all this single handed, other family members not interested for the moment.

your suggestions welcome

Rafiq Yusuf

I dont mean to sound negative, but then I brought back a bunch of electric tools when I returned from from a work stint in the USA, all of which were 110V. The only tool I still use occasionally (where is it?!) is the cordless drill. For most others, the pain of using a converter has made me give up using them entirely. Also, you will need a rather hefty converter to handle these loads. I now find pretty much all of these items available locally - it may be worth your while if you thoroughly explore the market locally first.

I understand the price of a Shakti 180D with Rotovator is about Rs. 2.8 lacs. Other addons and implements extra.

This is before any applicable Government subsidy. In AP, there is a maximum of Rs. 45,000 subsidy for individual farmers and a 50% subsidy for a group of 5 or more farmers buying together as a unit.

Hi navin,
i understand you are just trying to caution me about the pitfalls of electric farm tools.

hav a cousin who does electric maintainence contracting, he put me in touch with a few motor winding specialists in bby whp promised to rewind american motors to indian elctrical voltage-cost ?? rs500/- approx.

besides searched the market for indian made electric leaf vac, leaf mulchers,tillers,hedge trimmers, chainsaw.
what is avlbl is cheap chinese products(CRAP) under fancy indian names-worse results later on as chinese products are- no repairs no spares.
hav used black decker products for a long time, quite sturdy n rugged

six months bck had ordered a 40v electric cordless chainsaw by oregon-a class above all cordless chainsaw,working fine without any changes.

if u wish to dispose off the electric tools you got on your return journey,kindly mail me list of tools.
rather first try if somebody can rewind motor for you then dispose.

i am pro tractor-a very valuable tool for the farmer,
but here in konkan most of the land is rocky an uneven mountainous terrain-that is wht mr alfonso loves.
no way u can operate a tractor.
will seriously look at a tractor for the new project

looking for a good 100-125cc atv with trailer for internal small odd  jobs, tools and fert movement.

labour shortage n their tantrums is gvg me the creeps, at times really frustated by their silly ways, seriously think of quitting.

all the same thankyou for your good advice.
happy that here on the forum ppl whom you dont even know are willing n happy to advise you n help you out.
rafiq yusuf

Please try this -

Hi Rafiq Bhai,
    please find below link related to 180D from saverafarm techie2aggie.blogspot.com/search?q=180D
I have attached a pdf whoch talks about “krishi yantrikikaran yojana” in maharashtra , subsidy on farm machinery for year 2012-13. Hope it helps .

Shetrakri masik powr tiller info 11.pdf (164 KB)

Thankyou PPB for the info.
Rafiq Yusuf

Hav you located your not required 110V USA stuff?
kindly mail me wht are the items you want to get rid off.
Rafiq Yusuf

No, I have not  :-\. I guess I’ll keep them.

Dear Sir,
Please log in to following link
If you are interested please mail: jas.anusham@gmail.com

Hi Rafiq,

I really liked the Idea of using electrical tools.
I am planning to do electrical line in my farm as I need to use multiple appliances like Pole pruner, Small cultivator, Chain saw etc…
Can you please share info like the spec of the cable used, difficulties faced, suggested improvements of your electrical line project.

Also I am planning to use Wolf garten / Troy bilt cultivator, chain saw, pole saw attachments to the Wolf garten electric brush cutter. If any body have used it please share your experience


Hi Viktree,
kindly take a look at Mantis 4stroke(lifetime warranty if purchased from manufacturer), or Black Decker Electric corded-if farm electrified.
Troy build quality isnt rugged.
Not sure about Wolf(have you used it)

Hi Rafiq,

Thanks for the quick response.

Is there Mantis dealers in India.
I want to avoid petrol version as petrol is very expensive.
The troy bilt is the option that I know of India.
The black and decker you had mentioned, Is it available in India? and to get it from US it will be 25K and we need to make mods for 220V use
I have not used wolf garten


Yes, but they give only 6months warranty, wheras company gives lifetime warranty.Only hitch is petrol.But very powerful-maintainence free(4Stroke), see demo on google.
Black decker is very rugged, yes 25k will be neded.
Troy is not good, read the reviews.
About modificarion, you just hav to buy a step down transformer, 220v to 110v @50-6-cycle, avlbl for 3K.
Thats all, troy will be tears.
If you need transformer do tell me.Will arrange door step delivery.

HI Viktree why are you saying b&D tiller is 25K … its only 250$ and then shipping.

amazon.com/Black-Decker-TL10 … roduct_top