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Hi All,

I wanted to start my Chicken forming along with 20 to 30 sheep’s, i have one acre land with good water facility. kindly guide me how to start it and i need to feed it whatever available in my land only. guide me how can i manage chicken and sheep’s.
I have 2 acre Dry land for Maze and Raagi also.
I am also thinking to create small shed for Hydroponics fodder system for chiks and Sheep.

Please suggest me to start a small earning business.



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Good morning Ram,

One acre is plenty to establish a productive Desi poultry operation - we would be please to provide guidance and answer any questions you may have. The key thing is that your work is profitable as well as productive.

This article may be of help:

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Dear Ramanand Sn,
The post from@Te Co is very nice i studied that one. As considering our country India only you can read through the subject Country / Desi Chicken Farm Project Plan by one click to link given this help a lot as well.

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Thanks for contributing and sharing that link - it was a very good article on Desi Murgi and covered all the points - I think people enjoy Desi chicken meat also it is desirable - indigenous breeds are really suited to their environment and the article explained well how you can build up a flock and get going.


Thnks for the advice… i want to integrate chicken and sheep so that my profit will be maximize… And i would like to feed only maze raagi, horse gram and mekke. And planned to grow hydroponic maze fodder. And also planning to plant 100 drumstick tree along with agase tree for sheep… now i need to know about low budget shed for 30 sheeps and desi chicken… Need ur expertise on this sir


Dear Te_co,
first I thank@Te_co for the like. Second @Ramanand_SN for the advice regarding the feeding chicken maze & raagi is okay. do not feed horse gram to chicken, you can feed to sheep or goats. Growing hydroponic maze fodder & drumstick trees is ok, also I suggest you subabul trees for fodder. regarding housing use normal shedding as per your budget.

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Dear All,
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