Database for Planning

Hey everyone! I’m new here…

I was curious as to what people use to track their plots? I’ve been trying to set up some kind of excel sheet to track lot records (fertilizers, pesticides, landwork, weather, irrigation) but realized excel isn’t as friendly for sharing and tracking on phones with multiple users…

All the farm-related apps I can find offer way more than we need… What does everyone else use to track this kind of information?


If you have the ability to manage a simple ERP, you can manage plots and crops in open source erp.

Hello Nell,

You can try
PhyFarm - Farm Management Software
Please note that I didn’t get a chance to explore fully. You can give a try.


Hi Dhanasekar,

Any chance you can provide some contact details so that we could have a chat?

Thanks. We’re looking into an ERP already and will see if we can set something up with them.

Thanks! I did try it… However, it appears to be limited to India. And there was no option for sugarcane.


Yes. I asked Priyankmody to add Potato into the list under the below discussion: