PhyFarm - Farm Management Software

Farm management draws on agricultural economics such as markets, prices, and external data (weather, diseases etc). At Physiz, we have built a one stop solution to address all your farm management needs so that you can focus on what you do best - growing.

Once you sign up and add your farm, you will be able to access offers useful features such as crop batch management, task planning, predictive harvests, crop analytics as well as weather and disease warnings based on geo location.

We will also be releasing new features every month such as an AI that can identify diseases, fungus, and pests that are affecting your crops by simply uploading an image. We want to increase the transparency in this industry and phyFarms will help us know what crops you are growing. By doing so, we can help in sales planning and identifying buyers as we have all the data necessary for the same.

We love working with growers. We have worked with many over the past year and this “grower-centric” approach feeds directly into our product design. Our job here at Physiz is to translate the grower’s needs into hardware and software features. If you think you have any feedback or suggestions we would love to hear them!

Indian Farmers can try out the software for free at
We will be rolling out the software for global use in a week.

We are constantly rolling out new features for our software, and this time we have introduced Yield Prediction. That’s right, we are using Machine Learning algorithms to analyse crop cycles and predict their average output. All notes with this update:

  1. Yield Prediction
  2. Revenue Projection
  3. Improvements in UI for the mobile version
  4. Bug fixes for WebApp

Head over to and get started with adding your batches

Check out our How-To Tutorial for phyFarm out here:

Can you throw some light on the future pricing?
I note above the free trial, but what would it be, ongoing?

This software will be a free-to-use software. In future we plan to include some premium features like marketplace, ML based suggestion, etc. We have not planned the exact pricing for the same.

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Hello Priyankmody,

Only few crops are listed under CropName. I’m trying to select Potato but it is not in the drop down list. It will be helpful if you could add some more vegetable crop names.


Hi, what is the current status of this software please?
Is it available for use to all?