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Hello, this topic is intended to be a compilation of practical knowledge, experiences and resources on dairy farming so we have it all as a sticky ready reference at one place. Please feel free to add any information, links and resources that you may have.

NABARD model bankable project reports (also has some details on suitable breeds for different locations):
nabard.org/modelbankprojects … bandry.asp
nabard.org/modelbankprojects … earing.asp
(also attached as pdfs just in case)
NABARD-Calf-Rearing.pdf (279 KB)

Dr. Vivek Patil has some nice project report tools that can be adjusted to your actual needs, at this link: sites.google.com/site/viveklpm/project-reports
Dairy model reports are posted here with his kind permission.
DVP-DairyFarmProjectReport-CrossbredCowSmallscale.pdf (202 KB)
DVP-DairyFarmProjectReport-CrossbredCowLargescale.pdf (203 KB)
DVP-DairyFarmProjectReport-BuffaloSmallscale.pdf (195 KB)
DVP-DairyFarmProjectReport-BuffaloLargescale.pdf (209 KB)

Some sound advice on cow dairy farming: farmnest.com/forum/animal-farmin … g93/#msg93

[quote]In starting stage its better to keep 10 cows, learn the art of cow farming. Avoid brokers while purchasing cows. Avoid farms too. Imagine i have a farm and you are coming to buy cows. i will give the cows which are non productive or having some incurable disease. Better to go with a reliable farmer friend who knows how to select cows. A fat cow may not give good milk i mean more quantity. Good cows are available at kaverippattinam, near krishnagiri. You may have to negotiate hard.

You need a cow shed with sloped floor towards the back of the cow. A mild slope for the water to drain(say 1 %). If slope is too much, it will be dangerous for cows, human beings and for pregnant cows. A cow needs a standing place of 2 meter length and 4 feet width apart from the feeding manger in front of the cow 1/2 metre.

You don’t need any special permission from any govt body to start dairy farm. The building (cow shed) needs building permit as per your plan from the local panchayat. There is absolutely no harm in using machines. You will get good, clean, hygienic milk without froth from the machine.

For 10 cows if you need a single can machine 1 or 2 people can manage. We have a Kannada speaking service person who can install and train your staff.

Having a bulk milk cooler is a good idea because milk will not get spoiled. (not recommended for 10 cows). but if you have the facility to sell the milk as soon as it is milked, you don’t have to spend money for buying a cooler. Please do not buy local coolers, buy it from reputed companies only.

Milking machines normally works on electricity and it has a milking can with 30 litre capacity. Buy only good machines with pneumatic oil free pulsator and vacuum pump. We are in that business. It’s better to have generator back up as during milking time you need power back up.

Money is there from the front of the cow ( milk) and back of the cow ( cow dung conversion to organic manure or vermi compost with earthworms- you make vermi compost by leaving good earth worms- its having good demand in places where vegetable cultivation/flowers/coconut/where ever is there chemical fertilizer is used.)

Maintaining buffaloes is good but not recommended for beginners. Keep cows, learn the art of dairying, and then you can venture into buffaloes. They yield less compared to cows, but as the fat percentage in milk is more you may get more money for their milk per litre cost. (Buffalo curd is tastier).

When they become old you dispose it off or give it to some goshala. When they are dry, inseminate them if they are in good health. For any cow dry period is there.

I hope i have clarified your doubts. I am Murali Krishnan, who worked for nearly 20 years in this line, now doing my own business. i had met with a very serious accident last October in my Scorpio and unfortunately i got left side paralysis. I am typing now using my right hand, I have recovered but facial left paralysis remains. i can walk and move my left hand but not like what i was using my left hand before. Milking parlour means milker will be standing in a pit and cows will stand in a platform and the milk from its udder will get collected in a SS pipe in the centre and falls finally to a bulk milk cooler or collecting vessel. No milking cans will be there. Milk from the udder of the cow will go the milk cooler untouched by hand. The milk given by each cow can be measured using milk meters installed in the SS pipeline. You can measure and record the yield of each cow when you do it this way but it’s expensive. You need a small trolley machine with 30 litre can cluster assembly with oil free pneumatic pulsator. With one can you should be able to milk 10 cows in one hour. For cleaning milking equipment like milking cans you need acid and alkaline detergents. Soap is ruled out as milk will get the smell of soap.

I am importing machines from turkey which is ISO certified and manufactured as per European norms. You may consult a chartered accountant who has experience in preparing agri project reports. I visited turkey last year to learn more on dairy farming.

Drinking bowl ensures that your cow gets good clean drinking water whenever it needs, from the overhead tank. Water starts flowing when cow puts it head inside by the lower jaw of the cow pressing the lever inside the water bowl. A good cow requires about 100 litres of water a day.

Calf bottle- for calves, you can feed required quantity of milk through the feeding bottle. its better to avoid to leave the calves for drinking milk from the cow’s udder as it may bite and injure the cow. if pain is there cow will not give you milk.

With Chaff cutter you can cut CO3 grass (which grows up to 7 feet height, may be more too) to small pieces. For 10 cows hand driven is more than enough.[/quote]

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Are you saying you are unable to download the attached project reports in the above posts? Please let me know the names of the files you would like and I can email them to you.

Dear Chandra. This topic appears to be interesting as it would give good knowledge for a person like me who wants to start Dairy farming as it is a compilation of practical knowledge, experiences and resources on dairy farming and a sticky ready reference at one place.  Group Captain Pravin Vij

HAI All members,pls suggest me some good and best breed of cows for dairy farming in tamil nadu climate and planning to start a dairy farm with 20 cows,
all your ideas are welcome
i have been informed that indian native cows milk is costlier compare to other cows!
pls suggest me some Bos Indicus‚Äô and ‚ÄėBos Taurus‚Äô. cows suitable for dairy farming

if possible suggest me the best place and price to get them
tips to find a quality one

To one and all.

We are in a position to provide consultancy service to establish dairy farms from 10 milch animals  to any number. U can expect single window solution for all of your doubts.  Farm lay out to milking.  Preparing bankable DPRs  to info about the available subsidies.

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Can I have your mobile number?

Raghu Ram
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We have dairy with 20 cows and plans to expand to 50 cows. Our dairy is located near Mysore, Karnataka.
I have questions related to cows fodder and feed management.

  1. Is dry fodder mandatory for cows? Can we just give more green fodder? Reason being that dry fodder does not possess much protien, whereas green fodder has protien as well as fibre. Please clarify.

  2. Why is there a requirement for providing monocod and dicod fodder? If we are able to provide large quantity of monocod fodder with high CP like 18%, then is there any reason why dicod will still be required?

  3. When we feed concentrates, there is general rule of feeding 300 gms per liter of milk. I think this is based on nutrients required for milk production. My question is does this take into consideration nutrients provided by fodder?

Please clarify as we are working towards cost optimisation of our dairy.


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Here are some knowledge  resources on dairy farming completely free which is generally sold by professionals at 1% of the project cost

  1. Two cows unit project report sites.google.com/site/odishavet/dairy-farming
  2. Four cows unit  project report sites.google.com/site/odishavet … ing/4-cows
  3. Eight cows unit project report sites.google.com/site/odishavet … eight-cows
  4. Ten cows unit  project report sites.google.com/site/odishavet … g/ten-cows
  5. DEDS sites.google.com/site/odishavet/deds

I have similar questions in my mind. I request experts to reply in detail.

[size=140]Dear Prasham
1-Dry fodder is not mandatory for cow but it is recommended due to the following reasons
I. It reduces production cost of milk
II. It helps in digestion & rumination
III. It helps in filling stomach(rumen)
Monocotyledons plants include  grasses & cereals .They  are  chief sources of carbohydrates which is utilized for providing energy, maintenance of the body temperature, functioning of organs etc. Excess carbohydrate is stored in form of fat.
2-Dicotyledons fodder plants are leguminous plants which are chief source of Digestible Crude Protein(DCP) which is required for development of mussels, growth of animal body, production of milk etc. No monocot fodder plant contain 18%. DCP.  Non leguminous fodders are less palatable & contain less protein than leguminous fodder. It is therefore recommended to provide both cereal & legume fodder.
3-Thumb rule for feeding dairy  cow. Three types of ration is provided  to dairy cows.
a- Maintenance ration :- it is  essential for day to day  body process . it varies from 1.25 to 1.75kg(concentrate mixture)  per day /cow
b- Production ration :- it is meant for milk production. It is additional ration  given @ 400gm(concentrate mixture)  /litter of milk yield for cow & 500gm/liter of milk yield for  buffalo
c- Pregnancy ration:-In case of pregnancy more ration is required for development of fetus and to prepare the mother for next lactation. Pregnancy ration is provided  from 5th month of pregnancy @ 1.25 -1.75 kg/cow/day( according to body size of cow)
It does not take it in to consideration fodder  provided to the cow  Dr.A.K.Kar

All my comments and questions are highlighted by underline

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[color=red][size=180]What are the worth seeing places related to dairy industry near by Karnal??  If some body knows kindly let me know.  We want to take our farmers to see some best maintained dairy farms with automation near Karnal.  Kindly, please forward such info.  We want to visit Research Centre on Buffaloes in Hissar also.  Regards    Raghu Ram  0984820364[/size][/color]

A wiki page has now been created: farmnest.com/Dairy
This will serve as a compilation of all useful dairy information going forward.

[size=140]Dear RaghuRam

You can contact Mr. D. K.Arora (Project Officer ,Technology Business Incubator, NDRI Karnal ) to know about dairy industry nearby Karnal. I have discussed with him over phone today. He can help you during your tour. To get his contact number you can mail me. Dr. A.K.Kar[/size]