Construction of Low cost Polyhouse/ shadenet house through local fabrication, without subsidy

If we try to Construct a Low cost Polyhouse/ shadenet house say around 1000-2000 sq m at our own by procurement of different material through manufacturer/wholesalers and fabrication/fittings through locals, what may be the costs? Anyone having experience or idea please share views. I hope a Polyhouse is possible in between 500-600/sm. Is it?


Dear Yougesh sir,

I am new to farming, just starting farming at 1 acre plot.

I guess before you start for polyhouse, it’s important to do soil test first.

Bamboo can be use to build the construction that will hardly cost Rs 4,000 to 5,000 + labor

Secondly green shed can be purchased locally, I am not sure about the pricing.

I am thinking to try to build a basic greenhouse with the help of bamboo and green shade, hoping that it will at-least reduce disease / pests by 25 to 50% and help a lot during winter and summer season.

Your thoughts are welcome.

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I have my farm 3.17 acres at Sudanur, Dharmapuri district. I recently put up a shade net house 90 x 60. I procured shade net and shade net joining thread from the manufacturer at Coimbatore. I built it using stone slabs. My cost for the stones 9 feet each including transportation was 400 each. The total cost of was approx 45000/-. I needed 52 stone pillars n about 6 supporting stones.


90 x!60 feet is what I am referring to.

Pl. Send the photos of shed net, during construction and after construction

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Pl . Send me ur email id…I will send them to u…

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Thank you , i will also try this after diwali, i will let you know progress and results

Your welcome. I tried the same with GI pipes…
.It was working out to 95000/-.

Could you pls share to me


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Dear Sir,
how much deep should the stone pillar be burried.

Minimum of 1 1/2 feet.

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Dear Bryanferrao,

How much Greenshade (only shadenet) cost you for 90 x 60 area?

Kindly guide, i am planning to build using bamboo.

can you please guide on land / soil preparation


Sir what is the distance between one pole to another. Sir can u please mention. And can you please guide us weather we can build a bigger shadenet house.

And can we also build a polyhouse using these stone pillars. Sir please guide us.



what should be the dia in mm of and the tension of upper wire as well as guy wire?

Some kind of technical specification will help more.

Hi Sir,
Please visit the page Polyhouse cultivation guide for more details on polyhouse cultivation

Hi for any type of Green house construction and maintenance query please call on below number

Mahindra & Mahindra
Agri Division

Hi Bryan,

Im planning to erect a shed net at my site. I needed some more information on the shed net that you have put up at your site. Is it possible for you to share you contact number.


Thanks for your enquiry. My no is 9448378346/9886148346


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