Construction of Low cost Polyhouse/ shadenet house through local fabrication, without subsidy

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Can you share your contact number ?

Kumar Khandekar
Horticulture consultant – Pune / Indore
9754052961 ( WA)

My friend knew basic welding and fabrication. He bought a welding machine and assorted tools and MS pipes - came up with an steel structure about 15 feet high and covering 40x40. He used the green shade cloth instead of plastic sheets. The total cost came to about 3L including local labor for digging, welding help, painting etc. The pillars and some of the beams are thick and heavy. Others are square 1" pipes. The greenshade material is porous and doesn’t let wind shake the structure. I will try to get the pics next time. It’s just a green box from the outside.


Is it 40X40 metre or feet?

Sir I am purchasing 12 feet stone poles for Net house. Need suggestions on Pole to Pole distance should be keep. please assist. thx

Wow, this is excellent. Would you be able to share a diagram of how you spaced them, and how tall you put the posts and so on? In-between the posts would it help if you put diagonal wires to add additional support for the net?