Commercial vegetable project in a toughest and challenging environment


r seshaadri, Tumkur.


Training 5 boys to provide them and their families livelihood and future  is indeed a noble deed. I have PMed you as I can consider them for my project.


Great ! thank you for acknowledging my request …sure the boys will be ready in 12 months period …They will become highly capable and competent  to  manage a scientific cultivation with high yield and quality


I see only Great Humanity in your actions Ramu sir. Hatsoff to you.

Best Regards


Dear Dr Ramu sir,

I am appreciating your work, as our forum friend. Great Job sir.

Pl don’t mistake as i stated you as consultant.I was not knowing the fact. sorry sir.

I am blessing you and your family for all goodness from mighty god, as an elderly man, with open heart.

I will definately try to see good placements for your boys, whenever time comes.mean while ask your boys to send me their candidature.

Horti society of India needs kind hearted experts like you. The main reason is , most of our farmers are in below poverty line.

With best wishes to you. ever youts friend,  g.prao,  farmer


Dearest Rao sir

There is nothing like misunderstanding your quote sir …Just I wanted to explain my position …God is giving us everything unconditionally …Unfortunately I could not meet your good self on that day you had been at farm…Expecting to meet your good self soon …Thank you sir


Ramu Sir, with your due permission, I would like to hire one of the five guys for a farming project in Maharashtra… Could you please share your contact details so that I can contact you for your further guidance? my email id is sadakannawar at gmail dot com. I am planning to start the project around June/July 2017…



Thank you for your response …As I already told , the boys are undergoing complete training program …After completion I will give you one boy that will produce and earn Rs.10 lac per acre o farm income …Sure…Thanks …


Dear Dr Ramu Sir,

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, photos and experience with us. It is highly valuable knowledge to me. With your permission, can I call you sometime for some advice? We have been growing only organic mangoes last 5-6 years and now I want to start vegetables and I am totally new to this field. I have 3 acres in open land + 5 acres of mango plantation where also I was thinking of intercropping melons and other vegetables.

Also, please consider sending anyone trained under you (when they are ready) for working at my farm just outside Hyderabad. I can provide the boys not only decent salary but also good place to stay, and we have most amenities like school, college etc near to our farm also.



Sir I am Dr.Meenakshi Sundaram a surgeon ventured into farming last i am growing cucumber in 1000sqm polyhouse.i have 1500 plants.yield though initially promising now dwindled due to downy and powdery mildew.i have a consultant who guides me in diseases and nutrition.i employed a diploma agri girl giving good emolument but she ran away in two months without any information…i was astonished to read ur sucees story in open farming.i am able to understand the sincerity ,hardwork, thoughtful application of knowledge and timely interventions behind your results.i would like to learn more from you.first hand i have a it possible to grow capsicum in any many of my polyhouse farmer friends report a failure in capsicum cultivation.i am from madurai district.i presume ur farm is located in a hot dry area very close to chennai.can we cultivate capsicum in madurai too?i and my friend have leased a 5 acre land near trichy for open vegetable cultivation.i wish to try out brinjal and capsicum.can you guide us in this regard


Dear Mr.Harshal

Thank you for your response in hiring boys …Sure after completion of training successfully I will sure send you one boy that will run your farm commercially vis a vis successfully with more yield and quality …



Dear Doctor …

Welcome …India is a monsoon country with various shades of weather and climate prevailing across length and breadth of India …The prevailing climate in a particular region decides about the success of vegetation , Next comes water and soil and last but most important factor is plant protection measures

When you manage these 4 factors efficiently then you will have success in your agri venture …

The green house and polyhouse are structures meant for controlling growing conditions like temperatures , Humidity and light that are set in tune with the requirement of specific crop condition …

These artificial structures are mainly used and useful in locations beyond 33 1/2 degree northern or southern latitude in world geographical locations  where extreme climate like minus degree temperature prevails that freeze the crops and plant physiological process is totally arrested …So in these location people use green house structures that generate heat and produce artificial lighting with the help of grow light necessary for plant growth and development …

Where in hottest locations like madurai or similar area , when prevailing weather is very harsh in over vast land mass , controlling and growing successfull crops in a very small structures like green house is really costly and tough …Because the capsicum can be grown successfully between temperature 14 degree celsius to 32 degree celsius but it requires an average daily temperature of around 25 ot 27 degree celsius to perform well in terms of yield and quality …
The high  prevailing temperature  around 40 degree celsius definitely will have its harmful impact inspite of controlled temperature inside polyhouse by way of increased humidity  ( Anything above 32 degree celsius will impact capsicum production due to various reasons that the high temeratures either prevent successful pollination , create stress in plants, affect nutrients uptake and utilization etc…etc… besides escalating incidence of powdery mildew disease and also wilt disease due to fusarium and sclerotium pathogenic fungi ) …

Further in western climate where seeing sun in day itself is blessings for people and it is a rare phenomena to see sun the market price of vegetable produce is costly like USD 5 per kg of capsicum ( In indian curency the value is around Rs.250 - 300 per kg of capsicum ) …

Here in India the green house capsicum sells in the market @ Rs.30 per kg and buyers price given to the producer ( Farmer ) around Rs.15-20 per kg …But if you see the cost of special production structures like green house or polyhouse they say millions and millions for structures alone …Other cost also accompany in the production process like special water soluble fertilizers , Co2 production , Water purification , 24 hours power supply ,round the clock monitoring totally involving huge money around Rs.40 to 50 lac for 1/2 acre …

At the price of Rs.15 per kg capsicum you need to produce 3,33,333 kg fruits from half acre land …To produce this much volume it will take atleast 5 to 6 years …That means your ROI ( Return on investment ) will start well after 5 th year of investment …Otherwise you will reach your Break even point ( BEP ) after 5 th year of your initial investment …

However success is the rare chance except when you locate your project in a suitable place and rightly follow all the technical nuances sincerely …

If at all you want to grow capsicum , I will advice your good self ( because you say you belong to Madurai ) to choose a nice location in the middle reaches of kodaikanal hills where the prevailing climate is highly conducive for capsicum production …The alkaloid percentage is also very good with excellent consumer preference …Individual fruit weight is also around 200 to 250 grams …4 fruits weigh 1 full kg …

As far as my knowledge is concerned most of the surgeons are doing farming mainly to refresh their mind after hours long surgery in blood and flesh …If it is that I am telling what exactly is your idea behind farming , then you can do the farming without consideration to pecuniary benefit …If otherwise , do bestow your serious attention to choose right location for doing commercial farming …

To produce more in capsicum , you need to provide for good soil rich in 5 times more organic matter than usually applied , balanced nutrients in short frequency , judicious application of right quantity of growth promoters , pruning at regular interval to maintain right balance between vegetative growth and fruit production , regular preventive spray of chemicals mainly for sucking pest , timely application of micronutrients and secondary elements like Calcium and balanced application Sulphur and magnesium …

So better do fix a right person for your project . I think there are lot of qualified and eligible consultants  already registered with farmnest forum …so you could find any one and run your project successfully …


thank you sir for your feedback.where is your farm located/can we pay a visit to yours



all the best ramu garu

good projects iam also horticulturist
if any help pls tell


Great Mr.Subbu …Thanks for offering help


Dear Sri subbu,                                                    thank you and welcome.                                  With best wishes,  g.p.Rao,  farmer


Attached are few pictures taken at super yielding hybrid brinjal field .
Area – 0.25 Acre
No of brinjal plants – 2000
Planted on 25 th December 2015
Age of the crop – 122 days
First harvest attended – 18 th February 2016
No of days between February 18,2016 to April 24 ,2016 – 67 days
Yield during these period – 9.100 MT
Yield expected to continue till August  2016
Remaining days – 96 days ( 13 complete week )
Yield expected based on crop condition – 15.6 MT
Total yield for 240 days 24.7 MT
Observational study
No of branches / brinjal plants – 18
No of fruits per branch – 4
Total no of fruits per plant- 72
Average weight individual fruit – 80 grams ( range 60 grams – 250 grams )
Yield of individual brinjal plant so far – 5.76 kgs ( Average obtained 4.55 kg fruits per brinjal plants )
Yielding potential of individual brinjal plant – 19.2 kgs
Bcoz active yielding period of brinjal is 240 days
Interval between two new flushes is 3 days
Total no new flushes expected during active yielding period is 80
Every new flushes produce an average of 4 fruits per cluster
Total no of fruits per brinjal plant in a period of 240 days is 320
Average individual fruit weight – 60 grams
Yielding potential of 2000 brinjal plants is 38.400 MT
But possible yield in our field condition of semi arid tropics with challenging environment is 24.7 MT
Difference between original yielding potential ( 38.400MT ) and realizable yield ( 24.7 MT ) is 13.700 MT is an allowance for risk factor like horrible prevailing weather like excessively hot temperature that is beyond human control , man made challenges like labour that do not work up to our expectation
Realizable yield of 24.7 MT in over 0.25 acre brinjal  itself produce around 100 MT per acre ( Potential yield is 140 MT per acre )
Grading and sorting –
Unfortunately we could get 70 % of colored fruits , remaining 30 % are white due to excessive temperature that reads around 40 degree Celsius ( Beyond temperature 35 degree Celsius the brinjal undergo severe stress that disturb physiological process in the plants that produce either malformed fruits or white fruits …
Out of 9.1 MT  6.37 MT were good fruits that sold @ Rs.15 ( average price per kg )
The white fruits were 1800 kgs that are selling @ Rs.5 in local market
Fruit borer damaged brinjal is 930 kgs …
We practice precision farming that shares 60 % organic and 40 % chemicals to avoid excessive use of synthetic chemicals …


Dear Dr Ramu sir,

I have visited this farm during march,2016, and found plants in healthy and good yielding condition.

Our forum farmers will definitely inspire and can try for best possible results.

When these plants are giving considerable yield, in this adverse conditions, we can easily expect more than 150 tons per acre in favourable conditions and in favourable location.

With your permission, I want to express that we can get easily a sum of Rs 10/_ per kg Brinjal, in city markets ( whole sale, farmer price) , if the quality of the brinjals produced are of quality and there is possibility to the farmer to get upto a sum of Rs 15.00 lakhs per acre ( gross sale amount)_ a sum of rs 2 to 3.00 lakhs, for fertilisers,pesticides, watering and labour charges and net they can get up to rs 10 to 12 lakhs ( if all goes well )net income ,per acre per year.

With best wishes,    g.p.rao,  farmer, 


Dearest G.P.Rao sir
You are perfectly right in your views about big profit in brinjal .It is also equally possible in other vegetables particularly  Tomato, capsicum etc . In tomato also we could get around 100 MT per acre without issue …

It is possible when you unfold the mystery behind plant physiology and learn to speak the language of plants