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My Name is Harish. Recently I have drilled a borewell for residential use up to 1271 Feet. After drilling the borewell we left for 30 days and did camera scanning to check for water sources. We found one water source at 150 Feet (Water was flowing) and one empty source at 300 Feet (No Water). Water storage at 700 Feet. Camera scanning guy left the camera inside the water and told us that there are more water source inside you will be able to extact water 1" inch or 1.5" inch of water hence we brought 7.5 HP pump (75 stages) with 1" inch HDPE pipe and fixed the motor at 1200 Feet. First one water flowed for about 3 hours and stopped we thought everyday we will get water for 3 hours however next day we got only for 45 mins and it stopped after 3 hours again we will get for 45 mins. One of the guys suggested to change the mouth of the outflow from 1" inch to 0.5"inch you get water continuously. We did that and now water is flowing out only 0.5"inch and rest remained in the pipe and it is flowing back to borewell. From this we are getting water in full force for 1 hour and force of the water get reduced. I check the AMP and voltage consummation. Initially one hour it will be 10 AMP and voltage will be around 380-400v after one hour it will come down to 6 AMP and voltage will be around 220-240v. I am using Texmo motor and L&T starter.

My question - will this effect my motor life? will this damage my pipe?

Any suggestion are welcome

Harish N


Hello sir, please advice me about a typic issue in my bore well.

I am having a problem with my bore well at home. .Its a new bore that we have drilled to 500ft and sent a sub moto inside upto 480ft. We get a min water for house use only. Some times 20min in the morning. The water level is low at my site.

But my problem is, the very 1st pipe that connects to my Submerge moto always gets bulged and burst at the middle of the pipe. What could be the reason. My bore technician also says that he has not come across this issue in his whole experience. This has happened 2 times now in 1 month itself.


Sir my borvell 350 feet but there are no water
The water is started to 50to 80 feet but casing are 80 feet sir how to hole inside casing 60 to70 feet


Hi All,

Need experts advice.

I have Borewell dig 450 ft, initially when we dig this Bore there was no water.
But now in rainy season we can see water till top of the Borewell. Till yesterday water level has gone down hardly 10ft …
Still can see water from top of well.

Need experts suggestion in installation of Submersible Pump.
like how much HP pump should i choose, how many Head stages ?

Please suggest.



How to seal a 5 inch and 7 inch casing mouth in a borewell?We have dug 6.5 inch borewell upto 195 ft. At 110 ft water was traced with loose soil. So went up to 140 ft after which hard strata touched.
Then, started 7" inch casing but it was found that walls were collapsed and decided to flush and do casing until hard rock area but how to close mouth of 5 and 7 inch casing pipes?


dear friend,
In Bangalore we have a person calledJaffer, who gives the service of taking a video of the bore by sending a video camera upto a depth of 1600 feet.
While doing so he also gives you the health status and remedial actions if required.
his mobile number is 8317380071 and 9341948981.
I have taken his help for 4 of my Borewells and found him to be quite knowledgeable.


Sir my borewell is pumping water for 20min
Stops pumping after that
After 1hr again it pumps for 20min
What may be the problem


The reason of stopping water some Time after getting some time Must be there is no sufficient water in the Borewell. To asses correctly , kindly provide the following DATA.

  1. Total Depth of Borewell.

  2. Casing Pipe Length

  3. Yield of Water if assessed after Drilling.(If avilable)

  4. Drawdown Level of the Borewell (If taken after Drilling while Flushing)

  5. H.P. of the Pumpset with Brand and Number of Stages.

  6. Level at which Pumpset was inserted i.e. Delivery Pipe Length.

              On getting the above DATA we can advise  some extent 

without Physical Verification.
for Vasudha Green Farms,,


Hi Sir,

recently before 15 days we have hand drilled a borewel of 880 ft @ Odisha. As per driller the water source has been found from 800- 870 ft. After 20 days of completion of UPVC pipe fitting ( 80 ft- 5’’ & 800 ft- 2’’) , now we are washing the bore with 1 hp submersible pump of depth 70 ft. in 2nd day wash the salty water found in between flow of sweet water.

pls suggest in this issue. how much hour we have to wash the bore for continuous sweet & pure water


pls respond on my issue



We were drilling a bore (14") after consulting Geologist and the top layer till 80 feet was sand, next till 170 feet it was some hard sand (paar) and leter till 250 feet we found hard rock and since we used the sand drilling bore operator, he said he cannot go further and so we did buy 10" pipe and inserted and we planned to drill with the Rock drilling borewell. But when we started drilling the sand from the side started falling into the borewell and we were not able to drill further. may be i hope we missed to put the reducer at the bottom to restrict sand. We are not able to go further down from there. Kindly let us know your suggestions and options available at this level to proceed. Geologist says there is a very good water resource at this point, is there any way to continue drilling at the same point further or can we drill 5 feet away from this point. Let me know your valuable suggestions.