Banana -4000 plants per acre - square planting - 5.5 lac income planned


I hope you are applying adequate caution and you know the people involved personally. There are lots of folks who have been conned by supposed herbal businesses.


Yes Mr.Chandra .you are right of course when you stated people are conned by lucrative herbal business idea .
But I wish to say that this is Sacha inchi about which I have earlier written an article in this forum only after having experimented the result of Sacha inchi tea made of its leaf powder
And I have also sown 5 seeds donated by one international businessman at my friend’s farm and was used to drink a cup of Sacha inchi tea daily .unfortunately I lost all the plants in wardha cyclone that hit Chennai area during North East monsoon in 2016
This Sacha inchi has got rich omega fatty acids and other amino acids that really help human physiological system function PERFECTLY well vis a vis keep the body versatile in many aspects
This particular herbal plant finds its history rooted in Peruvian tribe called inca tribe that looked to be hale and healthy with great procreation ability
When I met my long time friend Mr.Boni Akka Simple an international business man based in Abidjan capital city of cote D ivore country he said himself experimented with this particular product and consulted a lot of other international citizens across the world and now he decided to market this in ivory coast country
I brought one guy in North East India in contact with this boni but our Indian guy wanted to make million overnight by quoting 10 times the original price
So I just thought of our great Manne Garu to get himself associated with this boni for clicking this deal
I never used to talk about fake herbal businesses that are ruling the roost in India since recent past
Dear Manne Garu. Consider this opportunity and wish you all the best


Thanks for the information.


Hi Ramu,

I am Mohan from Pollachi. I am planning to do banana cultivation in my farm of 1 acre. How many plants i can plant and which banana would be better? There is no water issue in farm. some people suggesting to go for nethran. Please advise


nice to see your methods of cultivation. I am just entering to agriculture and planning for banana cultivation, i request your guidance. If you could send your contact number to my mail id i will contact you for guidance. Thanks in advance.


Dear Shri. Ramu,
I am Giridharan from Chennai. I read with interest your postings in Farmnest and also understand that you are near Chennai.As I am also in Chennai and have agricultural lands near Chennai, I would be thankful if you can spare some time to meet you in person for taking advise.I am new to agriculture and want to proceed under guidance of knowledgeable persons like you.I request you to kindly intimate as to when you can spare some time to my mail ‘’ or whatsapp 9841805035. Thank you in advance.


How much kg of banana we can get in one plant


It’s good to be here. Is there any farmer who would like to keep diary of his activities on the farm or want to document findings and results of different farming strategies, kindly email me at as I’m open to promote you on


I can arrange banana leaves from Odisha. Want to know the buyer’s details and payment terms
Kindly let me know


I have watermelon which I am going to harvest in 2 acres .it is ice box variety . Let me know if any one has any requirement. My farm is near to Orissa .