AGRICULTURE TOURISM - touring to study farm success stories

Agricultural Tourism is NOT the Holidays concept of Visiting a working farm or any agricultural, horticultural, or agribusiness operations for the purpose of enjoyment. But for education, or active involvement in the activities of the farm or operation. In general Agri Tourism is the effort of attaining Farmers or new comers in agricultural purposes.

Agritourism, as it is defined most broadly, involves any Agriculture-based operation or activity that brings visitors to a farm. Agri tourism has different definitions in different parts of the world, and sometimes refers specifically to farm stays, as in Italy. Agritourism includes a wide variety of activities, including buying produce direct from a farm stand, navigating a corn maze, picking fruit, feeding animals, or staying at a farm.

Agritourism is a tourism that considered an opportunity for one who wants to learn unique technicals used by smart people to reduce cost of production and to get good yield. Desired people an opportunity to educate them by visiting to the farms to know more knowledge to know how their tasty food is produced.

Any one is interested in touring to the destination where they wanted to study success stories?

Dear Friends,
During my last visit to a Farm, I saw a wonder in barren land.
Except that land all other lands bounded on all sides are still as it is.

A Doctor turned farmer purchased land about one and half acre about 3 years back, Only 3 years calculated risk rewarded with daily income that may be more than of a software engineer and it is non stoppable for not only his entire life, but also to his children and even to his grand children too!

Now he earns Rs.2000/- per day.
You must question as to what he is growing?
Apple yet to start yielding.
Arecanut not yet started yielding,
coconut- Coconuts are sitting on the earth from tree.
Mysore mallige flower
Lemon-Each plant carrying more than 2000 fruits.
Sapota and other totaling about 22 verities.

All above are grown with 1.5 inch water yield with power problem. I has not got any help from others than his own family members about 3 including himself. What inputs like chemicals and pesticides he is applying for this production? Answer is ZERO. Just he is assisting nature @ 5% to create its wonders.

What best achievement than this is required?

You may know other farmer who may achieved even more success, any one can come up with such success hero?



Thats really good. Can you share some pic of the farm and its plants. It would be a feast to the eyes to see such pics and get lots of inspiration.

Meanwhile can you arrange for some visits during weekends. May be near by Bangalore or some 2 to 3 hrs away from Bangalore. Just to start off and know each other and learn by seeing.



See the photos now.
Let me know who all are interested to start touring?

I have raised my hand! :slight_smile:

Very beautiful pics, Swamy.

Above two pics are coconut landed on ground and Oranges.
Below is the free labours/walking money banks to cleaning the weeds and finally giving money.

Hi Swamy,

Thanks for the pics. Nice ones. They are worth more than thousand words.

When are you starting the tour ??



Which variety of Cocunut plants are the ones in the picture? and any Nurseries offering them?

I’d like to visit, please can you share details?

Hi All,
The farm is near (50km) to Bangalore.
Let me know who all are interested to start touring?
Will take appointment from Farmer by giving number of visitors to fix the tour programm.

Hi Swamy,

Me first !! I am interested.



Thanks for the good initiative Swamy.

Similarly, there’s a 25 year old fully organic & sustainable farm near Mysore. The farm name is Indraprastha and AP Chandrasekar is the owner. I’ve visited it once before. Though I dont have the contact details right now, if anyone is interested, a visit can be arranged. Its just 10 kms from Mysore in the HD Kote road.

Dear Balachandran,
Not only AP Chandrashekar, there are successful farmers in around Mysore.
Even in Mysore itself another Doctor Farmer is owning more than 130 varieties of crops in his garden measuring 90X120 along with 2 bedroom home. Bye the bye he is aged about 70 years and still working in his garden and JSS hospital too.
Jai ho Kissan.


Appreciate the idea visiting farms for learning. I would like to join you guys.

I am really wondering if one can really get this sort of income (2000 per day) in three years. Most of the plants that are listed take at least 2-3 years to start yielding. What is the variety that is grown.

Really interested to learn.


Today I had been to one of my friends farm in which I saw healthy DATEs to my surprise it is proved that Any drought area including 13.09’16.60N 78.28’48.86E can give very good results with DATES.

For his efforts from past 10 years now he has got rewarded with fruits of Guava(Very tasty fruits available), Almond with crop, Lemon, Sapota (Fruits can be harvesting round the year without break), Jack fruit (its attractive aroma of ripened fruit in plant can be smelled even at 25 feet distance, Amla, fig, Mango, Jambu Nerale, jumbo lemon (50o grams of weight?) all season in the year.

It is fro my surprise to know custard Apple bearing full of flowers and lemon sized un ripened fruit too today!(This is not the season for Custard Apple?)

Literally surrounded area is barren land surrounded without any cultivation. He created orchard in such a beautiful way, it is perfect combination of crops which are giving fruits round the year without any break. What best required than this?

Nice. How does he manage to water the trees?

He is managing with drip irrigation in natural farming practice. But water is deficient now.

Water is real enemy in our Kolar district, otherwise our 4 golden produces i.e. Silk, Milk, Mango, Vegetables would spread even more states and countries than now.

Dear DNS,

It’d be good to pick up some good DATES saplings from him, if he has any.

As you said, like AP Chandrasekar farm, there are quite a few in and around Mysore. Lately many such success stories come out every now and then. Most of them seem to be around the 5 to 10 acres size.

It’d be good to have a repository of all such organically successful farms in one place. If FarmNest can give an option to list such farm details, people can start entering information about them. Having a good structured information like the farm size, crop varieties, water availability, farm equipment used, soil conditions, labour count etc can be highly beneficial for people like us to experiment.

And if any of you are visiting for farms around Mysore, drop me a note and I shall join in and can arrange transport logistics as well, if required.

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Hi All,
If any one may interested to get saplings, then call me.

Today myself and other 2 farming lovers visited Dates farm and nursery owned by TN farmer who has got success to earn good returns money through crop and sale of plants grown by him and imported from middle east.

Dates can be grown any part of India and it can address all problems of drought, poor soils and gives good yield.
The rate of plants are for each tissue culture imported plant is Rs.3600/- is the big problem for all farmers.

TN has growing this crop in 3000 acres and Karnataka too farmers growing in considerable extent about 50 to 100 acres.
If Farmers can come forward and place demand in large quantity.Than rate can be reduced.

Further more if Farmers come forward, even we can initiate efforts to get develop tissue culture plants here in Bangalore.
Let me see how many interested.