Zero leaf in one year old coconut sapling


I have fifteen month old Deejay coconut seedlings in my farm. It s observed that zero leaf can be pulled out very easily… it is rotten at the point of separation and also smells bad… can anyone guide why is happening :smiley:

Someone pls reply

that because of RB(@*&**@ing rhinocerous beetle)
search the stem for beetle attack
DEEJAY are very prone for beetle attack
(see my old posts)

[member=6518]vaishak[/member]  hey we had discussions earlier
easily pluckable zero leaf is usually RB attack
265/265 have been attacked
Deejay/ceylon dwarf/tiptur tall/local all have bee hit
tried pheromone trap ineffective
tried neem oil spray same

neighbours farm with local plants also under severe attack

Hi Khannae,Sorry to hear all your 265 plants attacked by rhino beetles… what is ur plan of action now… will the new leaf grow back or we have to replace the seedlings… my neighbours saying all these hybrids not accustomed to our locality.( My farm is 12 km from udupi)… even kenthali variety (chowgat orange dwarf) not spared… there were already 57 fully grown coconut trees when I purchased the farm but were not properly maintained… however they seem to be fine…don’t know what to do

As i said
deejay attracts lot of RB
265/265 attacked but 250+  are growing( my maintainance is poor-very poor)
i replaced some twisted ones

local variety and tiptur tall are also being hit
in our region nothing is being spared

So can I expect the leaf to grow back again… I have applied COC now to prevent bud rot