Hi I have plan for Natural farming in future.

I am following many articles on web and preparing all the notes required.

I couldn’t find Sir Palekar’s books. I have reached out to the contacts mentioned on palekar’s website but they are out of stock and don’t have the ETA for it.

Could anyone help me where can I find those books in market or any online website I can find those books .

And if anyone prepared some plans please share me. I will share the things and docs which I collected so far.


Pl find below the address from where you can get the books
Subhash Palekar
19, Jaya Colony, Near Telecom Colony, 
Sai Nagar Post, Amravati – 444 607 (Maharashtra)
Mb- 096731 62240, 094236 01004, 098503 52745

I got Kannada books recently.However the quality of print is not good.

Thanks alot Shashg , I called them a couple of times. But the english version is out of stock.

I stay in US, My parents sending me some courier, If I get the books early I can include them with that. I need some information whether can I find them in any book stores or through online.

Appreciate your help !!!

Dear Vamshi,  I have some books in Telugu. Again the print quality is bad. I am also interested in Farming ZBNF WAY.  Been reading articles, books and lot of material on net and Sagubadi feature in Sakshi Telugu daily on every Tuesday.  What are your plans?  Will you come back and start? Do you have some land, if so, where is it?  In my opinion you can attend Palekar training program when you come back to India.  Please share the books, articles etc., read by you.  I will also write about my study so far, after getting your response.  All d best.  Regards,  BVR Kumar. (09989090026) kumarbachu@gmail.com.

Thanks Kumar.

Even i’m in search of Mr Palekar books, unable to get them as they’re not available right now.

I’m located in Hyderabad and our farm land is approx 50 km from hyderabad in which we are eager to start natural farming.

Hope we connect through this thread for knowledge exchange.


I am in touch with amit palekar via email for books…but yet to receive them.
Here is the recent email…

Subject: Re: Books in English
From: amit palekar tejomit@gmail.com Wed, 24 Feb '16 12:28p
To: You

The Philosophy of Spiritual Farming (Part 1) Rs 200
The Symbiosis of Spiritual Farming (Part 3) Rs 200
Vegetable Crops (Part III) Rs 150
Postage - Rs 50

Amit Palekar
Atharava Enterprise, Amravati
Cell: +91-96731 62240…

palekarzerobudgetspiritualfa … nglish.pdf

Dear All,

Even I got books from Amit Palekar.  First call him and ascertain the available books, cost, and postage and total amt and send payment.  I made online transfer and he sent the books in a week.  Some books are available in Emerald sweet shop, near Indira park, first see them to understand the print quality etc.,

May be it is time to start a kind of an association to meet, discuss and exchange views.  We can share the available resources like books, articles, arrange Farm visits,  training programs etc.,  I invite forum members to respond.  regards.  BVR Kumar. (09989090026)

Till the time you get books you can view the complete video on youtube.com/playlist?list=P … PTb6FjL6O8

Dear Wiznik,

This video does not exist.

Sorry for the confusion, the link is not a video but a playlist maintained by मिलिंद काळे on youtube, here is the link #

@Wiznik: Thanks for the link. It is in Hindi.  Is there any english version/translation?
Request any one to provide any such thing in English.
Thanks in advance.