ZBNF followers around Hyderabad

Dear All,

I am a software engineer, working in company in hyderabad.I have 15 acers of land, 110 KM from Hyderabad. currently rain fed crops are cultivated in 8 acers by a local farmer on lease. Not much chemicals are used on the field.

Me and my brother (who is also a software engineer) are interested in agriculture, so we started working on the farm (On weekends). Got 4 more acers cleaned by JCP. Got the bore well drilled, by god’s grace we were successful (after one failed bore) to get water of 3 inches, we are in the process of getting the bore and motor getting fitted.

After a lot of research on polyhouse/greenhouse/ZBNF/Organic farming. We are convinced that ZBNF is the way a head.

We are planning to attend Subhash Palekars work shop on 19th November 2014 at Mysore.

We are very impressed by the work of Subramanian.G.R and his farm visit thread. Can any one tell us if the same is being done around Hyderabad. If not it will be a good idea to start visiting ZBNF followers and publish the findings in this forum.


Venu Kulkarni

AP has most number of ZBNF followers. you can meet people in the workshop @Mysore.

Dear venu,
You can meet Mr vijaya ram of emerald sweet shop located at Indirapark lower tankbund.he is a social worker,practitioner and follower of Mr subhash paleker ji. I think they have an office near to that location,to advocate zbnf…anyway… all the best in your journey.

You can get a list of ZBNF farmers in Andhra in the pdf located in Palekar website at: palekarzerobudgetspiritualfarmin … adress.pdf

Dear Venu,

Nice to see an IT professional doing farming. Am also interested in ZBNF. But as of now am just visiting farms those are cultivated in Subash Palekar method to gain knowledge.

I wish i could join you in farm visits during weekends around Hyderabad. If more number of people are interested in farm visits, Mr.Vijayaram is willing to plan farm visits.


Hi Bharat,

Are you still visiting farm houses around hyderabad. If so , I would like to join with you .


Hi Vishal,

Yes. i do visit farms whenever i find time at weekends and the farmers are free to meet


please count me in too whenever you all are planning for farm visits.
even i have a 3 acre farm in keesara.