ZBNF: Any Natural Adhesive for spraying Insecticides( like Brahmastra ) on Papaya..?

Dear forum Members,

      Today i have sprayed Brahmastra( Insecticide ) on Papaya and found that Papaya leaves are so repellent that water droplets are not sticking to it , instead they are simply rolling off. Do we have nay natural adhesive agent that can be added to Brahmastra mixture…? So that it get stick to Papaya leaves for some time.

Thanks in Advance.

If you have used soap water while spraying, pl remove and try.

I had a talk with Mr. Krishnappa (Bannur)  He says it will not stay on the leaf.

No I have not used it. But i was thinking soap will act as adhesive agent.

Try mixing Khadhi soap.

I add some soapnut juice in all my sprays.

I think Soapnut is  available in our area. I will try with that first.

Chandra Sir,
  I am beginner farmer. It would be great help, if can you tell me approx ratio in which i have to mix soap nut juice to get desired result.

Well, there is not much of a guide on that. I figured it is as good as any other soap and is natural. Possibly also has some insecticidal action. You can send any patents my way, of course.

I just have a soapnut soaked overnight in a mug of water and add a small glass of the solution per sprayer tank.

Use it at your own risk! :slight_smile:


…Before spraying khadi soap solution @ 10 ml/litre should be added to help the extract stick well to the leaf surface…

agritech.tnau.ac.in/org_farm/org … sease.html

You should give the soap nuts too a try…use it on a single plant and see the results for large scale application

I have not had the need to use Brahmastra so for, but I can tell you from my use of jiwamrita that it is very difficult to get rid of smell (has become fragnance for nat. farmers :slight_smile: ) after using/touching it.  Same for natural repellents made with chillies/garlic with gomutra - smell and irritation.  Similar way since Brahmastra has gomutra which has absorbed contents of those different leaves.  So no need of any adhesive in my opinion.

Sure !! Will update you the results !!

Gunda Sir,
  i have seen Brahmastra sol getting rolled of while spraying on Papaya Leaves . So i thought to add adhesive to make it effective. We are directly giving Jiwamrita to plant roots.