Yuktix GreenSense - Smart Sensing solution for Vineyards

Dear Members

Yuktix is an Agritech startup based out of Bangalore, India.
We are creating digital assistant for farms which collect information from

  1. Weather stations
  2. GreenSense nodes
    and combine this data with satellite data to provide real time information from the farm.

We have a offering for Vineyards where we help the growers to reduce the pesticide usage, reduce loss and schedule irrigation. Here is the link to the blog which talks about how we are using technology to help vineyard owners.

Please reach out to us in case if you are interested in using the technology. Right now we are focusing in Karnataka, Maharashtra, Telangana and Odhisha. You can reach out to us on https://www.yuktix.com/contact/ or can drop a email at support@yuktix.com.

Thanks in Advance.

Dear Shailendra

Thank you very much for adding new technology for vineyard growers , i really appreciate your new gadget in local market for growers

Kumar Khandekar

Dear Sir

With this technology, we are trying to provide digital assistant for farming. If you come across anyone who is doing farming on >10 acres of land, please connect them to us.

Is it applicable to VINEYARD only or any kind of open farming as well as for polyhouse farming ?

This is applicable to most of the produce ( > 20 Acre of lands - more viable ). For the Polyhouse, its applicable to all as it measure the different variables and report it to the Polyhouse owner or manager or agronomist