Young Startup Looking for partners with knowledge and as active/sleeping partners in agriculture (Polyhouse) and aqua culture in Hyderabad and Andhra pradesh

Dear friends,
I am Quite new this forum but been fallowing it for a while. I have a small startup Software company in Hyderabad and we do various works software related. Recently I been thinking of venturing into agriculture sector and have gained some information regarding PolyHouse, and various aqua based farming.

I am looking to team up with people who have rich experience of growing Horticulture, Floriculture and Cash crops (Vegetables) and also potential investors.

I do have friends already on the team who have land 60KM from Hyderabad and approval for some 15 acres to 30 of polyhouse.

We are planning for community (group) based farming where marketing of products will be much more easier and profitable

and for other ventures, i have planned for enrolling as startup and process is already on the way with prestigious government organizations like NAARM

So if your interested and wanted to be part of our venture please free to call me at

8686993306 or I can be reached though mail at