Yield of Vegetables

We know yield is dependent on soil, moisture, humidity, Agri practices, variety of plant grown etc etc. But under ideal conditions i.e good soil, good agri practices, suitable weather, Anyone knows what would be yield for following :-

Please state yield in quintal/tonne per Acre.

  • Brinjal  (Egg plant)
  • Bhendi (Okra, Lady finger )
  • Chillies
  • Cabbage
  • Cauliflower
  • French Beans
  • Bitter gourd (Karela)
  • Ribbed gourd
    -Raddish (Mooli, Mullangi, )
  • Tomatoes
  • Potatoes



i dont know if you already have this
See attached (ignore the costs part). This has a the yield data under regular / precision farming
and this does not have the details for all the veggies in your list
PF economics.pdf (121 KB)

Hi Brijesh,

Thanks. Yes I have read the PF economics. What is interesting is yields seem to vary a lot across different climatic conditions. In the PF economics you have attached, it says Tomato yield as per conventional system is 50 MT/Ha or 20.8 T/acre. In another website I read tomato yield as little as 600 Quintals/Acre for Pusa Hybrid 2. Now this is a huge difference between 20 T and 0.6 T per acre.  Nabards assumes 10t/acre.  Would you reckon this has something to do with the variety you are growing??


600 quintals would be 60 tonnes.
A little googling tells me Pusa Hybrid-2 yields 600 q/ha which is about 24 tonnes/acre - quite close to the other numbers you quoted.


Sorry my bad with the numbers. 20T an acre and 25 T an acre is still 20-25% difference. Can make or break me. Take the Arka Saurabh which yields about 15T/acre. So looks like a variety thing to me.

I will appreciate if other members can contribute so we have a yield numbers for different veggies.

The yield quoted in most websites and documents (e.g. precision farming) is typically based on controlled plots, in the case of PF i think it is to highlight the advantages of the system. no tell how it will turn out on a large scale and under dynamic conditions but i believe it will be better than the conventional yield

i think a better option if possible would be to get some internet savvy farmers report their yields and these can be sorted by district / taluk to get a better sample

verma agri has some details on the website for 2008 tomato yield around 450q/acre (45T) looks on the higher side, this person is very receptive to phone calls and enquiries. i plan to perhaps visit his farm one day



Hi Brijesh,

Thanks for the link to verma agri. The potato economics on their website is highly suspect.
I agree with you that most published yields are from controlled plots. What we newbies have to do is get realistic data on conventional yields.
Guess this will take a few weekends to go around and talk to farmers.

Varietal variation can easily be 25% - attributed to the varietal vigour, dwarf/tall, the duration of the crop (longer duration varieties yield more) etc. Most hybrids are more responsive to inputs and generally yield much more under good management.

Given the photos about their crop management, I would give them the benefit of doubt. Our averages are minuscule compared to world’s averages or bests. Quoting from one source, the world average of tomato production is 23T/ha and the highest is 245T/ha

Chandra, I question their "Math and not the “Yield”. Unless they grew potatoes all year round.

Production of Potato in per Acre in year 2008

Production 180-200 Quintal
Sales         Rs. 350/Quantal
Total Sale Rs. 665000.00
NET PROFIT Rs 405000.00

Yeah, that does not seem right!

Are there any farms like vermaagri (vermaagri.com/tomato-production.html#) in Andhra Pradesh.
Lucknow is kinda far to visit, it would be great if anyone knows any and can pass on the info. I’m not a farmer but am interested in agriculture and want to do some thing unique or at least follow someone who has done something unique in agriculture.


indg.in/agriculture/crop_pro … r-tnau.pdf

has some detail on potential yield (hybrid specific) for TN (fruits, veg, flowers)