Yet another greenhouse question

Dear All,

Sorry if this question is answered already on this forum. I couldn’t find anything similar.

Q: Where can and how do I get loan to build a poly house? How much of national & state government subsidies apply?

What is the exact process and where do I start with? I heard NHB had stopped providing subsidies since they are running out of budget. Is this true information? if yes then who else provide loan for this type?

Also can I know if someone is doing poly house in and around Villupuram or Tiruvanammalai or Cuddalore belt? where I can visit and gain some knowledge?

Guru Prasath

Dear Sri Guru Prashath,

For your information, loan is totally different from subsidy. The issuing offices, Authorities are different.

As regards to Loan facility, pl approach your regular operating  bank branch. Discuss with them about your Agri Greenhouse project and convince them about the profitability of the project and also your knowledge and command on it. If they are convinced and if the documents of the project are legally stands, the bank will accept and release the loan stage wise.

As regards to your subsidies, Nhm and Nhb,  the Nhm gives subsidies through State Government. It differs from state to state, and you may contact the Horti/Agri department of your district. Now, I think, Nhb is not considering the subsidies. Hope it is only temporary act and it will start issuing subsidies soon. 

First, pl approach your District HorticultureAgriculture authorities and discuss about your greenhouse project and they will guide you suitably. Also they will inform you about other Greenhouses, near to your land area in your district are abutting other districts. 

With best wishes,    g.p.Rao,    farmer

Dear GP Rao,

Thanks for your response and sorry for my confusing question. Let me approach horticulture office for my requirement.

Thanks again
Guru Prasath