Yellow leaves of Soyabean Crop

I am soyabeen grower from kota rajasthan. In my soyabeen crop i observed that some patches in are going yellow. The leaves are yellow and vein of leaves are green with brown spots on the leaves. leaves are drying and plant growth is stopped.
Pls help me curing this disease on soyabeen plants.

I feel these are symptoms of deficiency of Nitrogen and Zinc.So sray 2%solution of Urea and add micro_nutrients to it.

Thank you Mr. ramprakash …

Dear Mr. Sharma,

As told by Mr. Prakash, u can apply urea as foliar spray.  U can apply Micro Nutrients specially released for soy from IIHR under vegetable category to rectify the problem.  Application of Micro nutirents will do good job for your soy crop.  For the product u can contact us.

Sampada Farms & Consultants

Dear Ramprakash & Sampada farms,

Can I  spray the Urea and Micro nutrients on Healthy plants also ?

No need to spray urea on healthy plants. 
But u have to spray micro nutrients on all plants.  Micro nutrients wiil help the plant for balanced growth.  U hv to give macro nutrients also as per the recommendation.

Raghu Ram

Foliar spray is a temp solution. Soil application of micro nutrients mixed with organic manure will be better for specific patches. Also analyse the soil for calcium level. If it is more than 8%, it needs FeSO4 & some special treatment.

You can spray panchagavya solution or Jeevamrutha solutions to supply micro nutrients -Ram prasad ,Krishi Vikas ASPL

Dear Mr.
while seeing the picture your plants showing acute deficiency of  Iron, So i will advice you to spray a combination mixture of micronurient (200 gm) + 19:19:19 Foliar spray grade -1 kg + Whisky -200 ml in 200 lits water  and  spray to your plants, it must be repeat 15 days after first spray.

For further Plse contact      D.S.Sureshkumar.MsC (Ag.Biotech)PGDBM, PhD Scholar (Biotech),BIOFARMS R&D  Center,Ramakkalmedu,Idukki, 09947892496
Thank you
Good Luck