Yantra Tools Online Portal Review

Yantra Tools Online Portal Review
range 1.5 2 support 1.0 2 price 2.5 2 overall 1.0 2

Yantra Tools - taking farmers for fools.

I have placed several orders for agri equipment on yantratools.com expecting they provide reasonable service in a very important agricultural input sector. Unfortunately Yantra has proved to be anything but a professional operation.

What is nice:

  1. Decent range of agricultural and industrial tools and machinery online.
  2. A phone number for support that works at least some of the time.
  3. A fairly okay functional website.

What can improve:

  1. Team lacks all hints of professionalism.
  2. Very poor dispatch team that just sends part of the package, missing rollers, springs etc. Packages come broken. They don’t even make an effort to fix the issue even after repeated requests. They act as if there is no issue and blame the customer instead - very farmer unfriendly operation.
  3. Different individuals in their team speak with different names on the support phone line and make fools out of the callers, providing each others’ numbers to contact instead.
  4. Phone calls and whatsapp messages are not responded most of the time.
  5. Slow and inconsistent dispatch and deliveries.
  6. No escalation mechanism to reach anyone who can handle issues.


Yantra Tools seems to be one of those immature startup operations led by a bunch of kids who don’t understand customer service or farmer requirements - I could not find any accountable people/management in the organization. There is a serious dearth of professionalism and farmer friendliness in what is a huge area of opportunity to address farm mechanization needs.
Wasting farmers’ time with broken/incomplete products and lack of meaningful response indicates the team has no idea of seasonal timelines for farming.
It is not worth the time or effort or headache to buy a defective product from Yantra tools, compared to visiting a nearby shop.
I wish investors scrutinize promoter abilities better during funding pitches, and there be a stipulation for issue escalation in such sites.

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