World's super food Moringa - Million Dollar crops ki

A plant of Indian origin "Moringa " has been steadily gaining recognition by people in all age group across the world for its nutrition , pharmaceutical and healing properties .
Global demand for Organic Moringa products by 2025 AD is estimated to be USD 7 Billion and a Metric Ton of Organic Moringa leaf powder sells @ $ 15000 - 25000 .Moringa tablet blended with Turmeric ( anticarcinogenic plant ) ,Neem (anthelminthic ) Black Zinger ( Aphrodisiac ) are sold in pharmacheutical chain stores and super markets .
A technological innovation has made cultivation of one million Moringa plants ( 10,00,000 plants ) in one hectare land to produce 6,00,000 - 7,50,000 kgs of fresh biomass per ha per year and dry powder of 75,000 - 80,000 kgs .
Certified organic Moringa products are highly sought after super food items with high commercial value in global markets like US, Canada , Japan , Australia and EU . India meets 80% of Global demand for Moringa products and Tamilnadu is playing key role in Moringa cultivation and processing and export .

Sir, We have 33 acres of irrigated farm land. Planning to go for natural farming. I want your guaidance in this regard

Today we have planted 6000 saplings of green long egg plant. Tomorrow we are planning to start sowing turmeric of prathiba variety. Please give your valuable guidance. It will be helpful to me, if you share your contact number. My number 9677380222, 9443611234