Work Starts At My Farm - Part2 ( disc plough )

Hi all,
This is my 2nd topic.
After posting the pics of the fencing work,  the work of plough was due. As it was raining the the work was delayed.
Due to heavy rains the weeds and the unwanted grass were grown. Some as tall as 4 feet.
Now from last 10 days no rains so got the ploughin done for half the farm.
Lot of hard work as there was no labour and i had to work with the tractor driver removing the coconut branches from the way.
It took 2.5 hours to disc plough 1.5 acres of farm and it costed me Rs.1600 ( 600 per hour ).
Attaching below some pics and also a video for you all.
Will run the cultivator in other half of the farm soon n keep you posted.
Now i want all your advise what next to be done and after how many days from now.

Ashish Sharma.

Dear Mr. Ashis:
Feel for you. I am horticulturist. Could not keep me mum. But I do not know your aim. So if you mail me at giving your detail I would surely guide you, what to do immediately. You have already jumped into the sea.

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Dear MR.DG,
Thanks for your reply.
I am going for exotic veg plantation to start.
But immediately i may go for sunflower or babycorn to put my hands in farming.
Pls let me knw any other 2 - month crop.
Have visited couple of farms growing exotic veg and wish to do the same.
Planning for brocolli, basil, asparagus & purple cabbage later on.
So pls share the details on the same.

Ashish sharma.

Dear Ashish,

nice and happy to see developments and willingness to share with forum members.

best wishes

in border if space allowed may think on planting trarmrieds but beware it has wide canapoy…


Dear sir,
Nice to see your efforts and once again heartful wishes. I am very much enthusiastic to see your efforts.

Beware of birds for sunflower. They come in big group and attack on flowers. You need somebody to to make noise and shoo them away.
Have a tin and stick always. if you don do this within a week you will get only stems of the plants, no seeds.

Dear Sri - will keep that in mind.
Thanks Mr.Prasad & Mr. Mathew.
Attaching pic of the work at farm.

Ashish … re=mh_lolz

Video of the ploughin which was also uploaded on youtube…


Dear All,
Today got the culitivator ploughing done at the rest of my farm.
Now the farm is completely ploughed…
Hoping that the work must begin by the coming weekend.
Have learnt a lot during this stage of initial farming and farm visit.

Planning to buy a indian breed cow soon so it will be useful for panchgavya.
Pls suggest the breed best suited for making the nutrient.

Ashish Sharma.