Windbreak model - Suggestions needed

Hi all,
      I recently acquired around 2 acres of land and planning to put in a wind break system around it. Currently there is no issue with cattle etc… as the land is surrounded by small hills on three sides and road on the other and the main issue will be with the wind. The basic model that I thought of is

[li] A total of 2 layers of windbreak around the land[/li]
[li] Outer layer to consist of teak and silver wood plants alternatively with the standard spacing of 5 to 6 feet[/li]
[li] Inner layer to consist of silver wood together with other revenue generating plants like dwarf coconut, all spice, drumstick, banana etc [/li]
[li] Distance between outer and inner layer to be around 6 to 7 feet so that it allows access to the whole of the farm and we can have a walk way around the farm without disturbing the main cropping area [/li]
[li] Both the outer and inner layers to have other crops which can fix nitrogen, act as wind barrier and can be used as fodder like gliricidia etc…, together with other hardy flowering trees [/li][/ul]

As the land is surrounded by hills, i can plant trees like Jamun, Neem, pongamia, ashoka(Saraca asoca) and arjuna(Terminalia arjuna) around the outermost periphery to reduce the hot winds blowing into the land as i am trying to plant a flower garden for regular income.

As I am planning a wind break system for the first time, I am having the following questions

[li] Applicability and efficiency of the model [/li]
[li] Scalability of the model and if it affects the plantation  [/li]
[li] Any suggested modifications and enhancements to the model so that it functions better [/li][/ul]

I am requesting the members of the forum for help regarding the model.


Trees like Moringa and Banana need windbreak protection for themselves, I doubt their ability to serve effectively (if at all) in a windbreak model.

This article should answer a lot of your questions:

Hi Airfoil,
          I was planning to include the moringa and banana in the inner layer of the model. I am trying to improve the efficiency of the model with modifications to the plan, so that i need not redo the whole process again.

Feedbacks are welcome.