Wilting in Melia Dubia

I have planted Melia Dubia saplings in Aug 2011. Plants are growing well and some of them are almost 5 feet tall.
However, recently I have noticed that some of the bigger plants have wilted. There was no water stagnation on the top surface as such. Typically, they occur in clusters as well. There is moisture on the ground but no stagnation. Most of them are bigger plants.

Any ideas what could be causing this? Pictures are attchaed.

Dear Mr.,

Plse check the  soil pH, TDS of water

Urgent step

Drench the plants with

19:19;19 -500 gm + metalaxyl 36% -200 gm + Humic acid -200 gm + Jagtonic 1

lit/200 lits  water  drench 2-3 lits /plant


19:19:19 -500 gm + CN -500 gm + Streptomycin-18 gms+ Metalaxyl 36%-100

gm+jagtonic-1 lit/200 lits water -spray

After 15 days

Spray - lime -500 gm +Sulphur 300 gm/200 lits water-- spray.

both the steps are more than sufficient to control  the complications.

For more details to prevent such complications in future Bye Bye phorate furadan


For Nutrient management and disease control contact email.

thank you
good luck

[b]I am not sure, but 99% it is by termites.  If you dont control it immediately, it will spreads to remaining plantation.  Mix 3gms of Chlorpyrifos into one liter water and apply/irrigate the plant at basin with this water.  One litre water is required for one plant.  If possible send more images with close shots to sampadafarms@gmail.com  To my knowledge it is nothing but termite.  All sivaganga lands are red and with termites.

Raghu Ram[/b]

Thank you Sir,

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