Will I get subsidy benefits for POLY house/Drip irrigation for a leased land

Dear Farmnest members,

I am Planning for a Poly House on a leased land. Please guide me, if I will eligible for subsidy benefits or not.



Dear Sri Venkat, Subsidy rules for a greenhouse/polyhouse differs from state to state.

I think you are from karnataka and if so, we will not get subsidy for green house if it is in leased land. It was cleared to me by horticulture authorities of Karnataka.

If the land which you are taking on lease belongs to your relatives, Very close persons, then you can take loan in their name and subsidy also in their name.

best wishes,  g.p.rao,    farmer

Thank you sir.


I am not very sure of this but I was told NHM that is subsidy being by the central govt, you get subsidy for leased land, provided  the lease is for minimum15 years.

In NHM you get subsidy for the whole project(GH, plants, labor shed, cold room, fencing etc). Project cap value 50L/acre for vegetables and 60L/acre flowers. You are eligible for 50% of the project value.


Sahil Rao

Thank you sahil sir, for the valuable information.

You can avail subsidy from NHB if it’s leased land. Minimum lease period is 12years.