Will Arecanut grow in Visakhapatnam region (coastal climate)?

Hello All,

I am planning to raise a plantation based on the 5 layer model. As part of this, I am considering Arecanut as one of the tall trees. I would like to know
from fellow members if Arecanut would grow in Visakhapatnam region (coastal climate)?

I have been told that it grows well in cooler climates. Another thing on my mind is if the increasing temperatures due to the
industralization/pollution in this region would hamper/impact their growth/survival during their growth/life time? Appreciate any insights into


What is your water source? Arecanut is grown successfully in Mangalore or same coast. Arecanut cannot starve(of water) even 15-20 days.

Borewell. I am evaluating solar options to insulate from unreliable power supply and provide regular water supply to plantation as needed.

Do you then think that they should be able to grow fine in this region? Also, could you shed some light on supply, demand, economics of arecanut plantation.

Dear Raj sir, upto my knowledge Areca Nut plant can not be grown successfully in Visakahapatnam area.  West coast is much suitable for Areka Nut cultivation , South karnataka is also suitable for the  farming of Areka Nut.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            You can visit the Areka Nut farm of Sri Vijaya Saradhi, which is near Eluru,( I think it is on Eluru- Chinthalapudi road ), a progressive farmer who has planted Areka Nut in his coconut farm during 1998 or so. I saw it and heard that it is not much successful. Plant will live but yield or health will not be much fruitful and may not fetch the farmer,economically.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Just for fancy we can plant , few trees  in our coconut gardens                                                                                                                                                              G.p.rao, farmer

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@Yugandhar - Thanks for the input. I have observed the plants raised generally in this area - mango, cashew etc.

I am evaluating varieties in this order

  1. suitability for region
  2. other aspects, financial etc

This Q&A is part of the discovery process and trying to learn from others knowledge and experience.

@rajsekhar - Good to hear from another member about plantation in the same region. Good luck with your farm.
Sent you a message.

@Sri - Few initial questions regarding the mango model

  1. Intercrops duration - Would there be a time limit up to which the other intercrops like drumstick, banana and papaya can
    be grown (say initial 3 years) within the plantation?
  2. Is it essential to plant drumstick local or can we replace that with PKM-1 too?
  3. Do you know of any good varieties of local drumstick?
  4. Can we include both varieties that are substitutable in the same plantation?
    ex banana & papaya : mango & sapota : guava & mosambi