Wild pig management?

we have a wild pig/boar menace on our farms… no sooner we plant any vegetable or crop than they come down in their hordes and destroy them! now that the paddy has new grains i fear that they will ruin the crop!
is there any solution to prevent/stop this menace??


You can do below

  1. Create a line of cut human hair. (Collect it from barber shop).  They smell human and get cautiouse and dont pass that line. Also people say they come keep sniffing the ground and when the hair enters the nose they get irritated and go.

  2. Usually animals enter to the farm from same places every day. Spread human urine.

  3. Have a FM radio with speakers. animals think humans are present in the farm. they go back.

  4. Best solution is have electric fencing.

Hi Sri, Devyani,
    apart from the above, few more things I have seen peopels doing nearby our farm .

  • They put a steel wire running just half feet above the ground on boundary , the moment it touches feets of the animals they run away .
  • They also try to put shining plastic strips such as old video caset which distracts animals .
  • I have also seen farmers putting gulal (pink colour used during holi festival) on the boder .

But none of these are 100% effective . 
For the same problem I am trying to put cement poles at 10+ feets, run a steel wire on it and connect it to electric energizer .
Hope this electric fence work for a period of a year or so by that time can manage a natural fence .

Hope it helps .
Thanks & regards,

Hello Devyani,

I too had wild pig enter my farm and destroy quite a few banana plants last week. These are what I did:

  1. Tied steel wire along the periphery of the farm abt .5 - 1 foot high.
  2. Tied old sarees in few places (especially where the pig enters the farm).
  3. Placed poles/sticks in vertical position and hung empty plastic bags (fertilizer/cattle feed bags). (Looks like a person is standing up).

Need to try the hair option that Mr. Sri suggested. I was told by few that it is effective.

Good luck

Thank you Sri and Biju!

human hair sounds interesting … but the farm is quite windy. It might blow away the hair…?
Plastic plates is somthing that i will put up …perhaps they act like scare crows…i have seen some villagers do it. :slight_smile:
re electric fencing - i am worried somebody human might get caught. we have children playing around, so i feel its risky. will plan out the natural fencing though the time has passed out for that. next rains for sure.
Biju : how would a wire 0.5 - 1 feet high deter the boars? pls explain.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Hi devyani,

Human Hair has to be very small and as sri2012 mentioned it will irritate the pigs.

If you already have a fence, tie shadenet green color upto 3 feet from ground. Other end should be buried in ground so that it is stretched and tight. Shade net is cheaper item, you get it everywhere. The wild pigs feel that it is a net to trap them, so they stay away from it.
We also have wild boar problem here in Karnataka and my farm is 2 kms from Bandipur forest range, so have elephant and wild boar problem throughout year.
This year we tried with shadenet and it worked beautifully. We had tried earlier with barb wire and solar electric fence, but those pigs dont feel a thing.
After we did, many farmers have adopted same approach with good positive results.

Another slighlty costlier solution is to have a narrow trench around the farm, at least 3 -4 feet deep. Wild boars will not enter as they will be afraid to go down the trench. These trenches can also serve as rain water harvesting where you can channel the water to some pond.

Good luck.

When the pigs try to enter the farm and come in contact with the wires, they get scared and turn away.
It has been almost a week now and so far they haven’t come back. Keeping my fingers crossed…:slight_smile:


Electric / solar fencing will be another option i think. Keep sign boards to avoid tresspassing. Use pictures and words also.

Electric fencing will not electrcute and kill humans nor animals. It works like this. A very high voltage of 600+V is passed in the wires but not continuosely.  The EB power supply has continuose supply that is the reason if any body touches will get electricuted.

So the IBEX electrcic fencing will give the intruder a shock of lifetime(nobody can forget it) on the other hand no permanent damage.

A good topic.

My two cents: I heard my nighbour using Endrine which smell also keeps these pigs away.



We have a product called Bhagambhag which is a plant extract that gives out a very foul smell that deters the pigs. This is available in 5kg packing and will be sufficient for one acre. It is in the form of granules that have to be spread all around the boundary of your farm and will be effective for 10-12 days, but if there is very heavy rain it will be washed away.
The MRP is Rs. 400/-

More details can be found at sikkoindia.com/bio-product5.html
We are distributors of Sikko Products in AP.

Y Madhav Vamsee
Raaga Organics
Kukatpally, Hyderabad

Hi Raagaorganics -

is this repellent organic/natural … i want to avoid using anything chemical. Also - is INR 400 for a 5kg pack?


Dear Devyani,

Yes, the product is 100% organic, and it is Rs. 400/- for the 5kg pack


Dear pals,

please guide me get my crop to safety this season from wild pigs…am cultivating paddy now…already the pigs have damaged 3 beds of sown paddy in my farm…