Why pruning is important in increasing the yield of pods in Moringa?

Moringa naturally respond well to pruning and produce flowers and pods in abundance .
When the growing tip of central stem is pinched off at 75 CMS height from the ground level ,lot of side branches are produced and again the growing tip of these side branches are nibbed off so as to allow more branches and wide canopy around the tree . This way newly planted moringa plants are trained and pruned until before flower initiation .
If you closely look at the bearing moringa trees ,you will notice lateral branches carrying huge number of pods and the number of pods goes decreasing from the base upward where branches are near erect with least of pods .
Beside increasing the no of branches ,the hormonal imbalance between gibberellin and cytokinenin and accumulation of unused starch ( photosynthate ) produce cluster of flowers in abundance by converting vegetative shoots into flowering shoots .

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which variety of moringa is suitable for Anantapur dist, andhra Pradesh.

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ODC 3 is a suitable variety for anantpur region …This is a high yielding , early flowering , hardier and perennial variety of moringa .

Do all varieties of Moringa respond to pruning the same way? Which Moringa variety is this?

ODC 3 Moringa

Where I can get seed for ODC 3?

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You contact Mr.chaithanya

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ODC 3 seed producing farmer …you can call this number .he speaks only tamil.if any problem kindly call this number …9360220317 I will see how best I can help you

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9843967182 kindly call this no for ODC 3 seeds

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Pl Call this me on this no 9360220317

Sir you pl call Mr.Govindaraj ,ODC 3 seed producing farmer 9843967182