Why Organic Products are not Recommended by Agriculture University/Govt. Dept

[font=arial black][/font]The government or Agriculture university dose not give recomandation of Organic Products and its uasge in variouus Agriculture & Horticulture Crops? On the ohere hand there is regular recomandation for Chemical Fertilizer & Pesticides.
One hand Govt is having burden of Fewrtilizer Freight and Price subscidy problem and difficulties. It is not a High time to PROMOTE AND REGULARISE THE ORGANIC PRODUCTS UASGE???

Pranav Dave
Consultant:- Organic Farming.Vadodara Gujarat. MOb:09909928014.

The work on organic farming is just picking up in the  Agricultural universities. But , The researech on this auspect is little bit comlicated as dose of cow urine , lassi , jee- amrit , vermicompost etc will vary from place to place and to cow to cow  or urine of bufflo will have other effect  than the urine of black cow or red cow. Similerly veremicompost or vermi-wash  have different results depending upon the earthworm species and the materials  uesd /fermented by the earthworms.  Therefore uniformity in such types of expt is littlebit difficult and hence very less recomedations. Similelely the research on micro-organisms has to uniforms so tha repteatblity can be achieved
Dr JS Kanwar
Former Professor & Head, PAU

the scientists do not know anything about organic farming. what they can recommend. it is advisable to the scientists to go to the field work in the field get practical experience of organic farming. they will certainly fail. if they do the job they become jobless. this is the problem .
they know only following west. grope in the dark. this is the practical thing. that is why they cannot do any thing.

I dont think that scientists dont go to the field and work in the field … All the scientist have been assigned some projects and they work on those projects.
                        Yes, The research on organic farming is picking up and results will be available after some time. ICAR  has ALSO ALLOCATED PROJECTS TO STATE AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITIES and they have started working on those project and after the conclusion of the project , we will have recommendations onorganic farming
Dr JS Kanwar

Dear All,
I agree with what said by Professor. OK. In India the biggest problem associated Agriculture is

—Not giving  importance to Plant Physiology & Biochemist, variation in nutritional  value  due to climatic factor  can also fixed with some technologies.

The foundation of Agriculture is  Soil- Due to our  blindly approach disturbed the physical,chemical, Biological properties of soil.

The first thing we have to keep in mind is  see  the pH factor, either alkaline /acidic.

then work on that aspect. plse refer my technology “Bye Bye phorate/furadan” practice, plse don’t

blame  Scientists/ Agri. university/ Govt. If  any one wish to go for organic farming plse feel free to

contact me and  prove that how we can grow crops with consistancy, without any consultation fee.

Vemicompost,panchakavya,compost – are the master piece in organic farming, now we are living in

computerized  world. (See my  technoogy -metabolic booster), plse beleive "NOTHING IS


Thank you
Good Luck

D.S.Sureshkumar,MSc(Ag.Biotech),PGDBM,PhD Scholar(Biotech)

Yes, The soil health  status is very very important in increasing the crop productivity. The fertillity has to maintained without the use of chemical fertilizer in case of organic farming and the role of soil microbes such as Azosprilllium, Rhizobium, Azotobacter, Pseudomanas, Trichoderma, Bascillus  etc  is very very vital. The population of these  soil microbe has to be increased and this can be done with the application of  Bio-fertilizers, cowdung, cow urine. jeev amrit, Panch Gavaya, vermicopost  to the soil. This will improve the soil health including soil fertility and thus increase crop productivity
Dr JS Kanwar

Thank you D.S.Sureshkumar. I would like to know more about “Vemicompost,panchakavya,compost… which you mentioned in your message”. I am new to agriculture though and trying to learn from others. Kindly let me know if I can talk to you.

Friends, There is a international lobby thriving on chemicals, pesticides etc comprised of MNC and there Mentors who want to play with the lives of people for the seck of their selfish motives.
We have to keep pursuing relentlessly our own farming communities to swithover to enjoy shackle free life.  Local dealers, wholeseller are being used as conduit to reach such chemicals by way of ‘Credit’ facility offererd to small farmers so that poor farmers remain in their grip. Truely it is time for indivisual farmers to spend more time in their own farm instead of going for easy solutions which are harmful to their own soils and are cost prohibiting.

Dear Forum Farmer Friends,

We are observing,Lot of change has come in government Agri universities, Horti/Agri Institutes, now a days. They have opened seperate depts on organic farming, Bio pesticides manufacturing, conducting classes on manufacturing of Vermicompost, pancha gavya, jeevamrutha , farming of organic vegetables etc.

GKVK, Bengaluru, IIHR, Hasarghatta, Bengaluru, Tnau,Periyakulam,Coimbattore, are manufacturing and selling  Bio pestcides and technology also, to the organic farmers. They are even doing Research and Develpments on Pancha gavya, Jeevamrutha and on so many bio insecticides and growth promoters. They are even selling the bio pesticides mfg technology/techniques of bio pesticides applications to org farmers at low rates/free of cost also.

Let us still hope best in future.

with best wishes, g.p.rao,  farmer

youtube.com/watch?v=oi4oTpV … ture=share

The Agriculture uni and Political parties getting fund from big business lobbies. If Govt. will promote organic farming then where the pesticides and chemical fertilizer companies will go and how the vested interest of people engaged in this will fulfill, that is the reason Organic products are not recommended by Govt and Agriculture Uni. Also, this is chain system if people will eat organic food they will not be sick or caught by any major disease, So what Doctors will who paid a big amount for their studies/degrees and invested in infrastructure big medical equipment’s.  ;D ;D

Strictly avoid Organic , its a misleading word for India , sold by elites.
Organic farming using vermicompost is not suitable for Indian high ambient temperature , Feoetida worms are European , and being used in India under shade and in controleld temp. then how can they are earth worms ?
Compost Carbon get released in atmosphere at more than 30+ temperature and produce Green house gases , which are responsible for Ozone layer depletion resulted in global warming.
Also vermicompost is consists of heavy metals like Lead Arsenic , cadmium  harmful for humans.
Also do not use Cow dung directly in tons , also harm environment.
avoid Vermicompost use natural way , cow urine based like ZBNF.

Thanks , Think again.


It’s a personal choice which method any farmer will adapt, we can only discuss Pros & cons of various methods , my feedback is :

Check these Videos by Expert on Harmful effect  of " Organic" farming, I too tried for Organic but Luckily dropped the idea , and did extensive research on Vermicompost , conclusion is, not suitable for Indian ambient temperature and not Natural “Insitu” method.

The organic farming in the production of poison free food is worth practising in India inspite of few disadvantages in harvesting expected yield …
The main reason is that the natural resources were almost depleted or exhausted and organic production concept has become a costly concept …
The organic cultivation using naturally available resources from your premises would make your production cheaper and sustainable
This sort of production will never impact human health