Why only desi cows for natural farming?


Why everyone suggesting only desi cows for natural farming?
Is there any real reason?


It’s because of the superiority of the dung because of more soil beneficial micro-organisms in it.

I’d recommend reading the entire thread, but this particular post covers it.


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Indian cow breeds are blessed with an unique character of a microbial culture in their uterus and which is beneficial for soil health. The other species are lacking with this.


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The Indian native cow will have Hump of the Shoulder, Long Ears and the Skin is hanging on the Neck. They have Suryaketu nerve on the back and it is believed that Suryaketu nerve absorbs medicinal essences from atmosphere and makes milk, urine and cow dung more nourishing. The ability to shake only a particular part of the body, for example it can shake only the skin the stomach area without shaking the other parts of the body. It can withstand the tough climatic conditions of this country, either hot, rain or cold. It delivers around 15 to 20 calves in her life span. It can walk for more kilometers and work hard accepting the climatic conditions of this part of the world. A cow in its lifespan feeds thousands of people and one cow is sufficient to do natural farming in about 30 acres of land according to Padmasri Subhash Palekar system


But they still need to be fed a balanced diet and cared for.


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