Why no agri deans on the forum?

Hi All,

Unlike other technical forums that we are members off, why we do not have any deans of any Agri University as members of this Farmnest.

Most of the forums that we see are filled with Gurus with their gnyans. Withing a post or two, we are bang on the right answers. Courtesy a lot and lots of gurus with their advise, Both academicians and other punters. No luck at farmnest  :astonished:  :astonished:.

Mods, I think some special invitations needs to be sent to the Deans of some reputed Agri universities. May be they have some good ideas and can clear a lot of our doubts. Just see how savera farms is struggling with cracked water melons. We had seen in last season the same exploding melons in China. Some member has even posted the same here.

Look at Team-bhp, or hifivision,  it is filled with auto and audio gurus. You post a query and bang you have the right answers. After all that is what we look in a forum.

Something amiss on this forum ? Just Loud thinking !!  We experimenting and then commenting with out the academic credentials will take a long long time. Just understanding the compositions and requirements of NPK is taking ages here  :stuck_out_tongue:  :stuck_out_tongue:

Just my 2 annas here. Mods can something be done here. If deans are onboard a lot of fundamental queries gets cleared spot on. May be we all members can pool some money and pay them as consultation fees !! or atleast their broad band connection tariff ??  :'(  :'(

Else this forum will be at the mercy of few consultants.



Good thoughts, Murali.

There are some fundamental differences on a forum like this as compared to TeamBHP etc.:

  • The subject matter of the forum - farming is not the same fancy stuff as autos and audios
  • The audience - you don‚Äôt have the same huge crowd of educated young people who are into farming as they are into autos and audios for example; the maturity levels are different too
  • The size of the forum - FarmNest is just about an year and a half and is gathering the community size and activity, pretty fast though
  • Agriculture is not an exact science - it is not as simple to say what exactly caused that wilt of the leaves as easily as why the battery does not power the self start. So while we have some professors on board, there are no off the shelf answers they can provide always
  • Experts come in all forms and sizes - who would you call gurus? the professors (deans, as you say)? the farmers? or consultants? I can assure you there is a huge difference between theory and practice and you will need a mix to get the right solution in most cases, and I would risk to say that kind of talent is very limited

So the ideal situation is a large mix of practitioners and academics who are able to provide different view points with their experience and expertise; and are forthcoming enough to openly provide advice and are not bogged down by a different viewpoint. I am noticing the last bit is a serious issue too with a community like ours.

That said, I agree with you we need to encourage more of learned members to come forward to participate. Inviting academic/research members from universities and research stations was very much on the agenda once we have some critical mass as a community, but maybe it is about time we intensified that - an introductory mailer to institutes to start with?

All ideas and volunteering is of course welcome :slight_smile: We could use this topic to pool some practical ideas and formulate a plan.


Chandra & Murali,

Good thoughts from both of you. While having deans/professors is a great way to ensure flow of knowledge here, We have to realize that there is a sizable amount of info/research papers etc written/published by these deans and professors which can be found online. Some of these big guys simply dont have the time and patience to answer questions on these forums. I have sent several emails to various people including guys at TNAU for clarifications but never replied any response. At the same  time, a few guys were kind enough to help me out with a few things. If you have come across such guys, maybe worth inviting them here. I keep in touch with a professor of soil technology from an US Uni. Very helpful guy so far. Will ask if he can spend a few minutes a week on this forum.

The other problem I notice is that most of us dont want to take the trouble to search online before posting queries here. At times(like in my case of NPK) despite browsing through numerous articles you may not find answers for your questions, its simply alright to ask on the forum to get some things sorted.  As a community, if we make concerted efforts to help each other, this would make a better forum.  I see Bio farms doing a great job with cardamom etc. We need more people who will contribute than just leech.

the idea is good. but the fact is, such so called deans have never worked for the cause. no agri university is able to provide a perfect solution to any agri problem. it is the other way round. they are engaged in increasing problems in agriculture.
what is the need for such advice to any one?

A knowledgeable Farmer is like living University.
It will be worth to have a farmer as member on board to get guidance.
Agriculture scientists are still advising to use monocrotophos which is banned.


Well thats a misnomer, No more farmers are what you said. Else our country would have over taken israel in productivity. Usually the useless or the youngest is left behind to took after the lands. Luckily supported by the ones who have left for greener pastures.

Believe me I have seen this practically. Else farming would have been the inthing, why should they migrate to cities to man ATM’s ??



Please address to subject matter.

Hope you have not seen other side of the success, talents are here which needs to trace.
If you want to see such achievers, than will show the reality. When people may go to cities these farmers still doing the miracles and earning more than that of a salaried govt/software or any job holder.

As per as comparison our country with Israel is different story and India is India.But not Israel.

To believe you, What you have seen this practically?
If you want to see inthings, start trying/touring to meet talents.


Thanks Swamy. Please do feel free to post any inspirational success stories in your know.

Dear Sir,
I have started another thread ‚ÄúAgri Tourism‚ÄĚ in which all such success stories available.


I am browsing through the forums and came across the comparison between Israel and India.

Israel has  high productivity in all crops though it has desert land They use highly sophisticated drip irrigation along with genetically modified breeds to achieve this…

Today in Israel,  25% of deaths is caused by cancer and another 25% by heart disease and diabetes which clearly pinpoints the cause

Hi Rajashekar,

May we know from where you got this data ?

You know the great G9, we are happily reproducing by TC is from Israel.



Dear Murali,

Please go through the following report released in 2010 for 2008 deaths .
Also see the difference in deaths in 1970 and 2008…the result is much obvious

Based on my personal stay in Israel, not only G9, most agri products of Israel are tasteless but much bigger in volume and compared to our desi products…I am nor criticizing them They have no choice…I appreciate their technology…Necessity is the mother of invention
We have  multiple choices
IsraelReport.pdf (143 KB)

thanks for updating with source

Hi All,

The statistics are like bikini, Exposing what is non essential. ;D  ;D.

Majority are over 75 and 65, very few under 45  :astonished:

But difficult and not right to say they all died eating the hybrid food.  :astonished:

But how are they achieving that type of productivity in agriculture ? By over feeding NPK or any other methods like Hybrid etc ??