Why Honeybee hives in coconut?

The Honey bee facilitate easy and early pollination in coconut grove with result of more fruit set and less abortion and shedding of buttons ( female flowers ) …Though 75 to 120 female flowers are formed in each inflorescence of coconut 60 to 70 % of the female flowers fall down due to many reasons one of which is ineffective pollination …

Every month one leaf and one inflorescence is formed in coconut tree …so In a year total of 12 inflorescence are formed …if 75 female flowers are produced in each inflorescence then for 12 months then a single coconut tree must bear 900 coconuts per year …But on an average our tree bear hardly 100 coconuts per tree per year …

So out of many strategies to enhance fruits setting in coconut grove one strategy is honey bee …

Hi Ramu,
Are you still in Honey bee keeping?
Can we get honey from coconut farms?
I can contact you if you don’t mind regarding this matter.

No sir .I am not keeping honey bees …Our farmers were keeping apiary boxes as pollinating agent in coconut grove .Now I got transferred to other place in central Tamil Nadu .