Why chop CO4 Fodder?

I have recently tried feeding my sheep CO4 without chopping it in the machine.
Question is whether it is imperative to chop fodder before feeding it?

Are there any risks like tongues of the animals being cut due to sharp edges of CO4 leaves ?

Chopping is necessary for better utilisation of stems. Animals dont get amused in cutting the stems. They eat leaves leaving the stem back.  If the grass is tender they dont mind cutting it.

So it depends on how easy for them to cut the stems.

I read one article saying the thin micro thorns damages the lungs of cows, there was one more article rubbishing it. I collected lot of opinion on this. People say CO4 is harmless. Even leaf blades dont harm them.

For better utilization and reduce wastage.

  1. To avoid wastage of feed by cows/buffaloes.
  2. It helps in the process of regurgitation (chewing).
  3. Absorption better.