Wholesale merchant cheats farmer in Bangalore

Dear All,

I am SIJI GEORGE from Mysore a serious follower of the group and this is the first time I am posting something. Kindly excuse if not relevant.

I sold 5.3 tonnes of watermelon to one Mr. Subramanyan , BKS fruits # 12, Sethu Rao Street, Near SKR Market, Bangalore for Rs 53500(10 Rs/kg) on 23rd April 2016. He promised the payment within three days, i.e by 30th of April 2016. Unfortunately till now I didn’t received my money. If I call him either he will not pick the phone or give some excuses.

Dear friends, kindly suggest what would be the most practical solution to get my money. Here is Mr. Subramanyan’s Phone number: 9379414455.

Also kindly share if you have such experiences so that we can be safe from these fraudsters. I personally feel we should blacklist (not formally) such kind of commission agents/buyers.
I am very new to farming and poor in marketing.

Thank you in advance for your comments

SIJI Siji George

[This complaint was made on Facebook “Agriculture Talk & Farmers of Karnataka”]
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