White spots on coconut tree trunk


I have recently purchased a farm land with around 50 coconut trees. They should be around 8-10 years old as they are all bearing nuts (although the number of nuts borne is very few). I have initiated the forming of a water basin along with application of urea and Farm yard manure. I have noticed white spots on the trunks of many of the trees. The photograph is attached for reference. Can anyone enlighten me as to whether this is a disease or a deficiency and what is the cure?

PS: I have seen nearby arecanut plantations also having some arecanut trees with such white spots on the trunks.



Hi Vaishak

I guess this is normal. I’ve seen this in almost all of coconut trees we have. Although, the only fertilisers we applied were cowdung & solids from oil extraction (‘Kadala Pinnakku’, in Malayalam) occassionally (once in few years!), the trees were providing resonable yields. 

Even I have neglected these. but now they have deep roots in tree trunk. I am in the process of collecting the information weather they harming or not. To eleminate I have to scrub it and paint it with lime and copper sulfate mixture.