White flies management in Gerbera


We have white flies problem in our polyhouse where we are growing Gerbera.

If anyone of you having any experience in managing this pest, kindly share.

Mohan Kumar

Organic solution:
Crush Fist full of Tulsi, neem and tobacco. Brew it in water and cool it for a day. Hang it in many places. The effect will be more the potion ferments.

Hang Yellow Sticky boards.

If you have any fruits or any rotten vegetables in the surrounding collect and discard it by burying in soil.

Also check below link, lot of dairy farmers are endorsing this product.

Dear Sri,

Thank you for the input. You mentioned to hang in some key places. I guess it is on plain card board? please clarify.


You have to hang them in a container to overhead pipes of your poly house like pheromone trap.

Hello Mohan,

White flies is very danger for any crop. I will suggest you to use 15 Yellow  and 10 Blue Sticky Traps for your crop.

You should initialize these sticky traps from the starting stage.