Which Rabi Crop Can Give Best Return This Year

I am new to farming, having around 12 acres near Nagpur. I have enough water to irrigate my farm with black and red soil. Can someone please suggest which short term crops like seasonal rabi vegetables I can grow to get good returns? P.S. I am already planning to grow lemon and moringa


Choosing the right crop is extremely important to gain good returns.
We would suggest you to divide your farm into 3 parts.
Grow three different kind of crops as follows -

  1. Long Term - These are high value, low maintenance and long term crops. Bamboo, oranges. lemon, black pepper, etc.
  2. Medium Term - Spices like turmeric, ginger, etc or medium term vegetables like Tomato.
  3. Short Term - pulses, onion, potato, garlic, etc.

Such a distribution will give you operational income from short term crops and high profits from long term crops.

It’s critical to get soil testing done in order to identify the best crops in these categories, suitable for your farm.

You may contact us in case of any issues. We provide technology solutions to farmers in order to increase their farm incomes.

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Hello Siddharth,

Thank you for your mail. I am in process of developing my farm, so valuable
inputs from you are of immense importance for me.
I would like to stay in touch with you.

Thank you

Hello Siddharth,

Last time I was asking you about managing my farm in the best possible way.
I made it a point to follow your suggestions once I start developing my
But of late, I encountered a major water issue regarding my borewell. My
newly dug borewell is filled with sand for around 150 feet. It would be
really appreciable of you if you help me fix this problem. I am in search
of a borewell expert who can salvage me out of this water woe.

Thanking You
Chaitanya Garg

Hi Chaitanya,

Thank you for your message.
Good to know that you are ready to follow our suggestions, once you start
developing your farm. We will be more than happy to assist you to improve
your soil health and increase your farm yields.

Unfortunately, we don’t provide technical help related to borewell issues.
We are not the right people to guide for this problem.

Our services are limited to soil health, soil testing, water analysis, crop
selection, crop management and yield improvement.

Thanking you

Siddharth Dialani

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