Which equipment to use for digging V shaped trenches


I am planning to get V shaped trenches dug in our farm as per ZBNF to help store rain water and associated benefits.

What is/are suitable equipment for digging trenches in V shape?

I came across this equipment which would be helpful for digging holes for plantation, could this also be used to help with the trenches? Planning to take this up right after getting first rains in June.
hitachi-koki.in/Product_engi … tem_id=200



WATCH OUT. This is use full only for hole drilling and only FOR LOOSE SOIL. For tight compacted soil it is very difficult to operate.You can go for tractor mounted auger which costs 65K. You can rent out tractor. You must also note the PTO adoptor should match the auger while renting.You cannot make trench with this.

see alternative below
tradeindia.com/selloffer/363 … gging.html

I would suggest JCB or mannual is best bet.

Instead of Purchasing a “dingo k9-2 machines” you can get this work dome by a Tractor Fitted with Drilling Equipment which can drill Holes  from 12" to 24 " .They will undertake the work by Hole wise or Hopurly. You try for this.

Vasudha Green farms,

Thank you Manne and Sri.

I have already set the ball rolling, I purchased the equipment the day before both your posts. Will see how things shape up.

Couple of points that I was told ahead of purchase

  1. Augur would be good for soils without too much clay content otherwise it would get stuck to the augur and result in poor productivity as we would to have to clean it continuously.
  2. Soil should be about 30% wet to facilitate smooth and quick functioning

We have red, red sandy soil in our farm. Guessing this should work well in that soil. I was told that it would dig a pit of dimensions 1.5 to 2 Ft deep with 8in diameter in under 30 secs,  have to see how the sales pitch translates when metal meets the soil :slight_smile:

Regarding trenches, I am planning to get multiple holes dug using augur to create the desired shape at a high level. Will have to see how it works out.


Congrats prakruti.

The pics in the original equipment link don’t show up for me. Could you post your machine in action?

Chandra…try this pdf link:


Is it the auger? How much did it cost?
Do tell us how good it is :slight_smile:

Yes Chandra, it is the auger. Costs little over 40K, drill bit is sold as an accessory.

I am eager myself to see how this performs, will share the findings. Waiting for rains …

Hi Prakruti,

I was planning on banana cultivation pretty soon and was looking into various options to dig holes for planting the saplings. Getting it done manually seems to be not so cost-friendly. The other option I was thinking was JCB which costs around 750-800 Rs/Hour. But then this seems to be an interesting option.
Pl. do share your experience on performance, operational cost etc. when you get a chance.


I am in Hyderabad.I am in need of Earth Augur for Digging 3000 Pits in My Land. If you are in Hyderabad, kinly let us know whether you can Provide this Augur for Rent for Two Days for my banana Plantation.

Thank you With Regards,

redroo.com/commercial_environmen … ole-digger

i am seeing on ebay some used ones are available at less than 2000$.